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Using a barbell pad for the best neck, back, hip and glute workout


Using a barbell pad for the best neck, back, hip and glute workout  

barbell pad for hip thrust, neck, back, and glute workout

Using a barbell pad for ultimate gains during workouts is an absolute must. Read on to learn how to use a foam barbell pad for neck, back and glute exercises!

What is a barbell pad?

You must add a barbell pad to your workout routine if you love lifting heavy weights. A barbell pad is a popular gym instrument, usually crafted out of thick foam or rubber, and is to be wrapped around the bar attached to the weights. It has numerous benefits. Primarily, it provides a shock-absorbent barbell cushion for the neck and shoulders, reducing the chances of injuries and weight concentration on the muscles. 

Amonax is an ideal choice when it comes to buying a barbell pad. With a vast collection, all of Amonax's fitness equipment is of top-quality to ease your way through the fitness journey. To buy top-quality barbell pads, visit the Amonax website today! 


barbell pad, squat pad, hip thrust pad



Different types of barbell pads

1. The Classical Barbell Pad

Made of high-density foam, the classic barbell pad is 3.3 cm in thickness and 44 cm in length. The barbell pad has velcro straps to ensure safety and is perfect for all kinds of heavy hip workouts.


Barbell pad, squat pad, hip thrust pad with velcro straps


2. The Fabric Covered Barbell Pad

The fabric covered barbell pad has a cotton layer that absorbs sweat and is more comfortable on the skin than the classic barbell pad 3.3 cm in thickness and 44 cm in length, the barbell pad will be your best friend for squat workouts.


barbell pad with fabric cover


3. Pro Barbell Pad

If you are looking for a barbell pad that is specifically designed for glute exercises, this is the one for you. This barbell pad has anti-slippery dots for safety and has dimensions of 6 cm in thickness and 45 cm in length.


hip thrust pad with fabric cover


4. Glutes Training Set

This is the best value-added pack with all the gear you'll need for proper glutes exercises. The pack includes a resistance band, ankle cuffs, and a barbell pad. The barbell pad is 3.3 cm in thickness and 44 cm in length.


barbell pad set (ankle straps, fabric glute resistance bands, hip thrust pad)


Benefits of using a barbell pad

Foam barbell pads have a lot of added benefits, such as:

  • Comfort: barbell pads provide a barbell cushion so that the heavyweight gets distributed evenly and you are comfortable. Amonax barbell pads have an ergonomic design, making lifting heavy weights very comfortable.
  • Safety: A good quality foam barbell pad, such as Amonax barbell pads can be tightly wound across the bars and are anti-slippery.
  • More Gain than Pain: Using a barbell pad in your workout routine will enhance your capacity to do more sets efficiently without tiring out.


barbell pad for squat


How to use a barbell pad?

A barbell pad is wound across the weightlifting bars used for hips, glutes and neck workouts. To know how you can use Amonax barbell pads, read on:

  • The Classical Barbell Pad: The classical barbell pad has a foam exterior with an ergonomic curvature. The velcro straps attached to the classic barbell pad have a tight grip that you must wound across the bar for hip thrust cushion during squats and glutes workout. 
  • The Fabric Covered Barbell Pad: The fabric covered barbell pad by Amonax has anti-slippery dots, making it very convenient to wrap tightly across the bar for heavyweight workouts. 


barbell pad for hip thrust


The best neck and shoulder exercises for barbell pad

The best barbell exercises where you must use a barbell pad are:

1. Push Press Exercise

① Stand holding the barbell at shoulder height, with support on your front shoulder muscles.

② Bend your knees slightly and push the weight above the head.

③ Bring back the barbell to the initial position.

barbell pad workout - push press exercise

2. Barbell Bench Press

① Lie on your back and hold the barbell on top of the chest.

② Then, with extended arms, raise it above your chest.

③ Bring down the barbell to the point where your arms are at a 45-degree angle, and hold.

④ Return the barbell to its initial position.

barbell pad workout - barbell bench press

3. Barbell Z Press

① Sit on the ground between a squat rack, and spread out your legs.

② With a straight posture, hold the barbell with your overhand just across your shoulders.

③ Raise the barbell with a tight core.

④ Bring it back to the initial position and repeat. 

barbell pad workout - barbell z press


The best exercise for barbell placed on the hips

To build up your hip muscles, the best exercise for which you will necessarily need a barbell pad is the following:

1. Barbell Hip Thrust

① Sit on the ground with extended legs, with upper back support against a bench.

② Place the barbell symmetrically over the thighs.

③ Lean backwards and slide both feet towards the hips while keeping knees flexed at 90 degrees.

④ Return to the initial position and repeat. 

barbell pad workout - barbell hip thrust
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