Are you ready to elevate your strength training with equipment that meets the demands of both beginners and professionals? Amonax Olympic and Standard Weight Plates Set offer a solid foundation for building muscle and increasing overall fitness. Made from durable cast iron, these weight plates are available in both Olympic and Standard versions, providing a versatile solution tailored to your workout preferences and equipment compatibility. Whether you are looking to perform high-intensity exercises or more controlled, technical lifts, Amonax ensures quality and durability in every weight plate.

Olympic Weight Plates Set

Enhance your strength training routine with the Amonax Olympic Weight Plates Set, specifically designed for weightlifting enthusiasts. These plates feature a 2-inch center hole, making them compatible with Olympic barbells, ideal for professional gym settings or home garage gyms. Crafted from durable cast iron, these robust plates are tailored for the rigors of Olympic lifting, powerlifting, and other heavy lifting sessions. Optimize your workouts with Amonax Olympic Weight Plates, and push your limits in strength and performance.

Standard Weight Plates Set

Kickstart your home gym setup with the Amonax Standard Weight Plates Set, ideally suited for use with dumbbells by entry-level and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. Featuring a 1-inch hole and integrated handles, these plates ensure a secure, snug fit for safer and more effective dumbbell exercises. These versatile cast iron plates are perfect for a variety of workouts, helping you enhance body strength and improve muscular endurance. The Amonax Standard Weight Plates Set offers a reliable and flexible option for those seeking to diversify their exercise routines with dumbbell-based activities.

Exercise with weight plates and experience their versatility. These plates are equipped with handles, making them perfect for a variety of exercises. Use them for traditional barbell routines or leverage the handles for grip-specific exercises like Russian twists, plate front raises, or even weighted sit-ups. These features make our plates incredibly adaptable for a comprehensive workout, allowing you to enhance strength, balance, and muscle definition more effectively.

Cast Iron Dumbbells Weight Plates

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