Nothing beats the comfort of a hip thrust pad. The following features of Amonax professional hip thrust pad ensures it carries away all excess strain and discomfort during a heavy hip thrusts: 

barbell pad


1) Premium Fabrics

Amonax professional hip thrust pad has a full-body fabric cotton layer that dramatically increases its durability by adding extra protection to the foam cushion. It is sweat-proof and comfortable to sensitive skins.


hip thrust pad


2) High Density Foam - 6cm thick.

Amonax barbell cover has extremely deep cushioning that provides a soft and supportive layer between you and the bar. The barbell cushion pad is high-density and shock absorbent. It won't flatten even with the heaviest weight. It can be used on barbells on its own or in combination with hip thrust bench and ankle straps. 


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3) Full Length Barbell Padding.

Amonax hip thrust gym barbell pad is 45 cm long (a standard barbell pad is 44 cm long). This ensures the barbell foam pad covers your full hip size during hip thrust. It is one of the must-have, essential gym accessories for women and men.


squat bar pad



4) Large Velcro Pads to Fasten Tight.

The large Velcro pads area ensure that it’s extremely stable and secure. They hold the bar bell pad firmly in place and you can tighten them on barbells of any sizes, including Standard and Olympic Bars.





Hip thrust pad





A great gym hip thrust pad for barbell that provides most comfort sometimes equates to additional weights for squats (or other training exercises). This is especially important as you progressed to a more advanced level.

It is important to choose the right barbell hip thrust pad for yourself. Amonax is delighted to offer a range of barbell pads for both squats and hip thrusts to witness your change. Here is a comparison table:


  Pro Hip Thrust Pad Standard Barbell Pad Fabric Barbell Pad Barbell Pad Set
Length 45cm 44cm 44cm 44cm
Thickness 6cm 3cm 3cm 3cm
Hip Thrusts
Squat No
Max. Load 200KG 120KG 120KG 120KG



  • Comfort - Amonax professional hip thrust pad has thick barbell cushion foam evenly distributes barbell weights for more support during heavy weight hip thrusts, making it balanced and more comfortable for users to focus only on glute workout. 
  • Durable - Amonax barbell pad hip thrust pad uses extra thick, premium quality foam padding, covered by strong fabrics with seamless stitching across its fabric cushion cover.
  • Anti-slip - Amonax professional barbell pad has anti-slippery dots that allow the hip thrusts pad to tightly wrap around the bar at all times. No need to worry about the pads slipping off means you can do hip thrusts with some real heavy weight workout. 
  • Please note - Amonax Professional barbell hip thrust pad is specifically designed for hip thrusts, and hip thrusts only. This bar pad is not for squat or weight lifting. 
  • Warranty - We provide 2 years warranty to ensure the long-time enjoyment of your purchase. Please contact us with any questions or concerns - we are here to help.
Length 45 cm
Diameter 15 cm
Suitable for All Types of Barbells (Inc. Convertible Dumbbells)


Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
A lil thick

The padding block is nice and wide so it sits on the hips perfectly.

Sally Knox

I'm very impressed whit the quality of the product 100% recommended

Keith Anthony
A must-have for any at-home gym!

This is absolutely a must-have accessory for anyone with an at-home gym.

Miss G.Kay
Very comfortable to use

I love this pad for intense workouts.

Stephanie Whetton
Perfect for Hip-Thrusts

Do your hip thrusts -- they are a great exercise! This is a great addition to your gym equipment when doing hip thrusts. I recommend this.

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