If you’re serious about your training, you need to be serious about your recovery. Dozens of studies have linked foam rolling with improved range of motion, flexibility, and mobility, as well as reduced soreness.



While a very firm body roller will better activate deep tissue, a softer, smooth foam roller foam can be best when just starting out your recovery process. Amonax Foam roller gives just the perfect combination between softness and firmness, allowing you to relieve your pain all the way through for all purposes.


Our solid, high density foam roller can dig deeper than traditional fit rollers. The featured nubs are designed to mimic the hands of a physio massage therapist specialized in deep tissue muscle massage. While the nubs are firm, they do have some give, which enables them to move around (and not dig into) bony areas, like shoulder blades or hips.


The lightly textured surface is less intense than the textured side, providing a smoother and less intense massage to help relieve muscle stiffness and for beginners to get used to foam rolling.


Like firmness, the texture of a fitness foam roller will determine the level of intensity. Our hybrid fitness roller offers both smooth (gentler massage) surface and textured nubs (intense, targeted massage).


Done before a run, it can act as a dynamic warmup—increasing circulation, loosening tight spots, and priming your body to move. After a workout, it can act as a sports muscle relaxer — reducing muscular tension and lowering levels of the primary stress hormone etc.


Our premium quality roller massager is effective on the neck, back and lower back, legs (including shin, calf, hamstring), fascia, core and abs, and many more body parts. The package includes an exercise instruction sheet to start you off. You only need 3 mins to feel like being in the haven again.


If you’re looking to travel with your roller during your next race, you’ll want something that fits in a standard suitcase. At 14 inches long and with a generous 6-inch diameter, Amonax muscle massager roller is a great exercise equipment accessory to be included in any massage set for home fitness, yoga set, pilates, etc.


One more feature to note: Amonax roller for muscles is made of biodegradable material, its surface is antimicrobial and helps prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus—key for households where there are multiple sweaty users.

  • Are you hesitating between a smooth roller and a textured roller? Go for Amonax Hybrid foam roller, because we are the No.1 in hybrid foam roller!
  • Smooth side – Ideal for beginners, recoveries, and physios. As your technique improves and your muscles adapt you can progress to using the denser, textured side. 
  • Textured side - Mimicking the hands of a masseuse, ridges and knobs on a foam roller can provide a more precisely targeted massage to work out knots in your muscles.
  • What can you use Amonax roller for: relieve back pain, aid rehabilitation, increase motion range, loose and break up fascia to reduce the appearance of cellulite. 
  • When to use Amonax roller: 1) Before workout or running to loosen up muscles, allowing more efficient movement during workout. 2) After workout to reduce muscle soreness and shorten recovery time. 3) In any recovery process. 
  • Where can you use Amonax roller: calf, neck, back, legs, hamstrings – any muscles in the body. For specific targeted small and deep muscles, the textured side would be more effective.
Length 35 cm
Diameter 14 cm
Maximum Weight Capacity 500 kg


Customer Reviews

Based on 155 reviews
Works really good

Really helps my shoulder I lay on my back with this under me and lift my butt up and roll up and down my back really helps a lot

Emily Quinn
Great roller!

My son plays college football and this item is PERFECT for him to massage out tight hamstrings. Sturdy and a great price! Will order another one when needed!

Theresa Sheehan
Well worth the cost

Just the right shape such that is a little more oblong than round to help provide contrast when against the muscle. Sturdy and also a great price for a high-quality, dependable roller.

mrs Andrea S Nicholls
Awesome! Great Value!

Compared to the softer roller; this one is rugged/hard and not for the weak. It does a great job of pushing out hard knots and kinks in the back. Take it slow

Good for people info intense torture

Great product that works

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