1-inch Dumbbell Barbell Spinlock Collar Screw


Amonax 1-inch dumbbell and barbell spinlocks are made of solid steel block, feature a heavy-duty thread for a secure grip and a rubber-edged tightening collar for anti-slip purposes. With a smooth, contoured fingertip grip, you’re able to screw and unscrew this pair of Spinlock Collars quickly and easily from your bar, allowing you to remain fully focused on your lifting. Amonax 1-inch dumbbell and barbell spinlock is finished with a chrome-plated sleek look, offering premium quality and long-lasting durability.


1-inch Dumbbell Barbell Spinlock Collar Screw 

These 1-inch stainless steel iron spinlock collars are perfect for use with Amonax 20KG adjustable dumbbells, 30KG adjustable dumbbells and Amonax 1-inch standard barbells, or other standard bars that have threaded ends. Their long-lasting quality, easy installation and its compatibility make Amonax 1-inch spinlock collar screws for adjustable dumbbells and barbell bars one of the best spin-locks in the market.

  • Amonax 1-inch dumbbell and barbell spinlock collar screws are compatible with adjustable 20KG and 30KG dumbbells from Amonax, Amonax standard barbells, and any other dumbbells and barbells that have 1-inch bars.
  • Our dumbbell and barbell spinlock collar screws are sold in pairs, featured with ant-slip, rubber-edged tightening collars, heavy-duty thread for secure fastening, and smooth and chrome plated finish for easy assembly as well as ensuring their long-lasting quality.
Inner diameter 1 inch (2.5 cm)
Outer diameter 2.7 inch (7 cm)
Compatible with 1-inch Standard barbells & dumbbells
Material Stainless steel

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Lori G.
Exactly as advertised

My husband was satisfied with the product

Melissa R.
Fit perfectly

they fit perfectly!

Worked perfect no rough edges.

Threads lined up great. Just the replacement we were looking for

dumbbell collars.

Perfect replacement!

Locks work as they should

No wobble and they lock tight.

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