For those of us just beginning our fitness journeys, a complete home gym is a hefty investment. Amonax provides a range of fitness training kits for starters. This includes:

Best resistance training kit – Exercise resistance bands set. This set offers 4 durable exercise resistance bands with varying resistance levels, ideal for stretching, strength training, general exercises, Yoga or Pilates practice.

Best full body workout kit – Assisted pull-up bands set. This set offers a range of different resistance levels, its versatility allows a full-body workout. The beauty of this set of pull-up assistance bands is that they do not rely on dumbbells and barbells for resistance training. The pull-up bands are also very useful for warm-ups, mobility and rehabilitation. They can also make a great resistance band workout kit.

Best gym workout kit for hips and glutes – Glute training set. This set includes a barbell pad, a pair of ankle straps for cable pulley machines, and a fabric resistance band for hips and glutes. This is the ultimate set you need to set your glute on fire.

Best home workout starter training kit – Ab roller home workout set. This set includes an ab roller wheel for an abdominal workout, a skipping rope for burning calories, and push-up bars for upper body exercise. It is also a great core resistance training kit.

Best weight training kit - 20KG adjustable dumbbells weights set. The weight training dumbbells kit 20KG is a great place to start for home weight training. The weights are adjustable depending on your need. Our Neoprene hand weights dumbbell tower set with a storage rack can be an option for lighter weights.

Fitness Training Kit

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