Resistance bands have become a new essential in homes and gyms. They’re portable and lightweight, don’t take up too much space, and – if you know what to do with them – can help you get an excellent resistance workout without a heavy investment. Amonax provides a range of different resistance bands for training, workouts, and exercises:

Pull-up resistance bands – these are the best for full-body workouts. As well as complementing dumbbells in strength training, it can also be an easy replacement for dumbbell weights for beginners. These assisted pull-up power bands are thick and have a door anchor system, providing them with more versability for your workout.

Long resistance stretch bands – They are famous for their stretchability and offer relatively light resistance workouts compared to other exercise bands. They are ideal for stretching, mobility, yoga, pilates, dancing and recovery and rehabilitation.

Mini resistance bands loop set – this set is the most compact and portable. Ideal for travelling and office workouts, keeping your muscles active when you are glued to your seat, and relieving you from a tired trip. These workout bands are well-rounded, perfect for any general exercise, and provide more resistance compared to long resistance stretch bands.  

Fabric booty glute resistance bands – These hip bands are ideal for the glutes, legs and hips. They offer strong resistance to exercise the biggest muscle group in the body – the glute muscle. These fabric booty glute resistance bands can really set your glute on fire!

Resistance bands

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