Do you want to intensify your workouts in the most safely way? Ankle Straps for cable machines are the best solution. They are effective in strengthening and conditioning, helping you target the calf, legs, lower body, and glute muscles.

So, what is an ankle strap for cable machine?

A cable Ankle Strap is an ankle cuff with a cable attachment (a D-ring), which is then used to be hooked to the cable machines, such as the leg pulley machine. The cable ankle strap wraps around your ankle to form a firm grip. This gives the required resistance to perform a particular exercise (such as glute cable kickbacks), mainly focusing on strengthening hamstrings, tightening muscles in the thighs and lower legs, shaping glutes, and burning fat in the entire lower body. Amonax ankle straps for cable machines are universal and to be used by both men and women, giving maximum support to the ankle tight enough to perform exercises.

Top 5 reasons why you should use Amonax ankle strap for cable machine attachment:

    1. Intensify your workout and increase the efficiency of your training,

    2. Deliver the maximal results in terms of shaping up and strengthening your lower body,

    3. Ensure your safety to the maximal extent by giving a snug fit on your ankles,

    4. Compatible with any home or gym cable machine as well as door anchor system,

    It is affordable, so why not!

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