Giving your body sufficient time to recover from a heavy workout is essential. It helps replenish energy, repairs damaged muscles, treats inflammation, and increases your strength and endurance. This is why recovery is a crucial part of an effective fitness routine.

Foam rollers and resistance bands are the best tools and popular choices for many fitness pros.

Amonax provides a wide range of resistance bands set to help with stretches. Stretch bands are important as they can alleviate pain and muscle soreness, increase blood flow and boost muscle recovery and repair. Amonax natural latex resistance bands offer varying resistance strength, making them ideal for any mobility range.

Foam rolling after a workout hugely helps improve blood circulation, boost flexibility and accelerate recovery. Amonax foam roller has a unique design that mimics a therapist’s massage. The unique grid pattern increases the oxygen flow in the blood and gets all kinks out of your body. Browse our collection now!

Foam Roller & Recovery

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