Are you looking to enhance your core strength and flexibility with a single piece of equipment? Do you need a versatile fitness tool that fits seamlessly into both your home and gym workouts?

Introducing Amonax Core Sliders, your new secret weapon for advanced core training and full-body fitness. These sliders come equipped with a detachable strap that snugly fits around your feet, ensuring focused and effective abdominal engagement without any risk of the sliders slipping. Ideal for carving out that desired six-pack, our sliders enhance every workout, making your fitness goals achievable.

Our included workout guide details a plethora of exercises that don't just isolate your abs but also engage your legs, glutes, arms, and chest. This comprehensive approach ensures a balanced workout that improves strength and flexibility across all major muscle groups. Whether integrated with resistance bands or used on their own, Amonax Core Sliders are a powerhouse for boosting your exercise regimen.

Crafted for versatility, the dual-sided design allows for smooth operation on any surface, from plush carpets to sleek hardwood floors. Lightweight and portable, these sliders come with a stylish velvet carry bag, perfect for carrying to the gym, storing at home, or taking along on your travels.

Step up your fitness game with Amonax Core Sliders—where will you slide into your next workout?

Core Sliders

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