Wide and strong velcro straps


1) Wide and strong velcro straps to provide secure support

Amonax ankle straps (ankle cuffs) use top quality velcro straps, and they are deliberately made wider to provide extra security on your ankles. This allows you to focus more on your weight training or leg and glutes workout as they don't slip around your ankles.


Extra thick padding


2) Extra thick padding

Amonax ankle straps for cable machines have extra thick padding on the inside, they make sure no matter how hard you train, your ankles stay comfort as much as possible.



Ankle Straps


3) See other Amonx ankle straps selection

Our ankle straps are compatible with all gym cable machines, resistance bands set with door anchors and you can even use it with your long resistance bands loop set. Amonax ankle straps are great addition to your home gym exercise, or bring it to gym to have your own ankle wraps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 246 reviews
Perfect for the Gym

Very easy to use and great for cable workouts.

Excellent Product

These ankle straps offer excellent support, lightweight and made to a high standard. I have worn them during a full workout, they are very comfortable and it doesn't restrict movement. The adjustable strap will fit various ankle sizes. I recommend these to complement your home gym or professional gym memberships.

Perfectly splendid

These are so comfy to wear, they don’t rub or feel scratchy like others on the market. They feel really secure due to the thickness of the band.

A must-have

Love it! Love colours and the resistance, a must-have to help growing booties and workout back legs.

Sande Schlumberger
They work Great!

I bought these for my use at the gym and have been using them for some time now.

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