Ab Roller Home Workout Set

The UK's No.1 abdominal wheel for Abs Workout.

Amonax convertible abdominal roller is made of a steel bar, foam handle grips, solid and tyred wheels. It is one of the strongest, most sturdy, and easy to use core and abdominal trainer. It is an essential workout exercise equipment for home gym.


The MUST-HAVE Fitness Equipment

Amonax Abs Wheel in its double-wheel setting provides enough stability for beginners to build up the initial strength that is needed to progress, whereas the less stable single-wheel setting is a more robust abs exercise equipment. Amonax exercise wheel is a great home fitness equipment for men and women.


sipping rope

The Must-have Cardio Work Out Equipment for Home Exercise.

Amonax adjustable fitness skipping rope (suitale for both kids and adults) is ergomically designed, made of high quality foam handles, and a strong, tangle-free, extra dense rope. This 3.1 meter rope can be easily cut or adjusted using any pairs of home scissors (no special wire cutter required).


ab workout

Amonax calorie burning jump rope uses the Patented Funnel Technology and Ball Bearing System to ensure smooth rope rotation. The addition of the skip rope in this ab roller set makes it a great training equipment for home workout (also suitable for boxing), and one of the best cardio equipment for home use.


core exercises

Amonax Press Up Handles - an essential home gym equipment in all gym box set.

Amonax pushup bars are made of steel frames and non-slip, wear resistant memory foams. Amonax press up bars are tilted at 15-degree angle for miximal wrist protection and workout efficiency. Amonax pushup stands are great arms and shoulders trainer, making it an essential gym gear to be included.


home gym

Amonax - Fulfill Your Home Gym.

Amonax exercise set includes an abs workout equipment (abdominal exercise roller), arms, backs, and chest trainer (push up handles), and a must-have calorie burning skipping rope. It is a one of the best set for home sports, ideal for indoor and outdoor home work out. This combination also function as a great weight loss equipment for home.
  • THE ULTIMATE, PORTABLE WORKOUT EQUIPMENT SET FOR HOME GYM – Amonax fitness equipment for home workout set includes a Convertible Ab Wheel for abs training, a pair of Push Up Handles for press-ups, and an adjustable Skipping Rope for calorie burn.
  • AB ROLLER EXERCISE WHEEL - Amonax convertible ab wheel (with knee mat) provides both double-wheel setting and single-wheel setting, making it suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Amonax ab wheel roller is a great core & abdominal trainer for anybody who is aiming for 6 packs, or simply trying to loose belly fat. This abs roller wheel makes a great addition to ab workout equipment and a perfect home workout equipment for men and women.
  • SKIPPING ROPE - Jump Ropes are notably known for calorie burning. Amonax skipping rope set is an vital exercise equipment for home use. Its patented technology allows it to burn up to 3 times more energy compared to some other exercises. Amonax adjustable skipping rope makes a great addition to fitness accessories for home exercise equipment kit.
  • PUSH-UP BARS - Amonax press up bars are great home fitness body-weight training equipment kits. Their premium steel material, comfortable grip pads, combined with their large weight tolerance make them a great piece of workout equipment for endurance training. They target the major and minor muscle groups in your arms and chest effectively. They are great addition to your home gym equipment set.
  • WARRANTY - We provide 2 years warranty to ensure the long-time enjoyment of your purchase of Amonax home gym equipment men and women. The abb gym roller is an stomach exercise equipment specialises in ab training, the skipping rope is a whole body workout equipment for women and men. The push up bar is perfect for push ups, more effective in upper body trianing whilst protecting your wrist. Please contact us with any questions or concerns - we are here to help.

Ab Roller


Handle Length 12*2 cm
Product Length 34 cm
Wheel Diameter 17 cm
Steel Pipe Diameter 3 cm
Double Wheel Spacing 10 cm
Product Weight 0.73 KG
Max Weight 441 LB/200 KG

Skipping Rope


Handle length 14.5 cm
Handle diameter 3.2 cm
Rope length 3.1 m
Rope diameter 4 mm
Rope material PU steel wire

Push Up Bars

Length 22.8 cm
Width 14 cm
High 9.5 cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 559 reviews
Dustin Scaggs
Excellent t addition to workout routine

This is a great kit, nicely presented and professional looking. Sturdy and provided great resistance

Linz wood
Great starter set

It takes no time at all to set up. The abs wheel moves freely. There are instructions for some exercises you can do with the equipment which is a good place to start. Quite light and portable. No excuses not to work out now

Elena S
Solid little thing, does job

Easy to put together and feels sturdy to use. Even comes with a little kneeling pad .

Brandi M
Excellent Quality

Great quality for the price. I haven't used the skipping rope yet but the push up handles and ab roller are excellent pieces of kit.

It really does the job!

Excellent product. A great kit to get the whole core working hard

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