Wide and strong velcro straps


1) Wide and strong velcro straps to provide secure support

Amonax ankle straps (ankle cuffs) use top quality velcro straps, and they are deliberately made wider to provide extra security on your ankles. This allows you to focus more on your weight training or leg and glutes workout as they don't slip around your ankles.


Extra thick padding


2) Extra thick padding

Amonax ankle straps for cable machines have extra thick padding on the inside, they make sure no matter how hard you train, your ankles stay comfort as much as possible.



Ankle Straps


3) See other Amonx ankle straps selection

Our ankle straps are compatible with all gym cable machines, resistance bands set with door anchors and you can even use it with your long resistance bands loop set. Amonax ankle straps are great addition to your home gym exercise, or bring it to gym to have your own ankle wraps.
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH TRAINING ACCESSORY - Amonax ankle straps are compatible with all gym cable pulley machines and resistance bands set with door anchors. A great addition to help you shape your legs and glutes through kick back exercises, leg lifts, abductor training, and other glute exercises.
  • UPGRADED D-RING FOR Maxiumum Comfortability – Amonax D Ring uses top quality stainless steels, and are innovatively designed to prevent skin irritation made by the D ring during exercises like any other brands. They are great choice for cable attachments for gym.
  • EXTRA COMFORT - Amonax Ankle Cuffs has extra-thick padded lining, and adjustable Velcro straps to make it suitable for both men and women, junior and senior. The added comfortability provides great support to allow you focus only on your weight and strength training.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Amonax ankle fitness straps use top quality fabric, extra strong stainless steel for D-ring buckle, and double knitting technology to ensure our straps are long-lasting and durable. They are available in black and pink.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL - Amonax ankle straps comes in pink or black. It is a great gift for him/her. The ankle strap pair makes a great home workout equipment for men and women, excellent choice for home fitness equipment.
Pad Width 10.5 cm
Pad Length 21 cm
Diameter Range 17-33 cm
Strap Size 24 cm
Patented Design Feature Horizontal D-ring design


Customer Reviews

Based on 217 reviews
Title slightly misleading, but strap is well made

"I want to first point out that the title of the product implies that you will get a set of straps, but this listing is only for one strap. Having 2 straps will streamline your workout as you won’t have to keep switching which leg it’s on during your workout. That said, all of the images imply you will get 1 strap. So this is me letting you know you’ll get 1 strap.

The quality of this strap is really good. The material is comfortable and the stitching is really good quality and looks durable. The velcro adjusts nicely, the and D rings are very sturdy.

My only complaint is that tightening the strap is a little difficult, so to say. I’ve used straps in the past where you pash the velcro through a D ring and then pull it back on itself to tighten and secure it. With this design there is no pulling it back on itself to tighten, so I found getting a very tight fit a bit difficult. Not impossible, but not as easy as with other products.

All in all, the strap is good quality, I would have just preferred a set to streamline using it in my workouts."

Happy 10/10


Sienna Wright
Does what it says

Helpful to practice back handsprings.

Good product, does the job well, very comfortable.

The Ankle Straps at my gym keep getting nicked. It's great to have a pair handy to do my leg pully routine. Metal rings are strong enough for the weight amount I use. Love the bright pink colour on the straps! Thanks.

Norma James
Ankle Straps for Cable

I received what I wanted. Everything's all right

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