Wide and strong velcro straps


1) Wide and strong velcro straps to provide secure support

Amonax ankle straps (ankle cuffs) use top quality velcro straps, and they are deliberately made wider to provide extra security on your ankles. This allows you to focus more on your weight training or leg and glutes workout as they don't slip around your ankles.


Extra thick padding


2) Extra thick padding

Amonax ankle straps for cable machines have extra thick padding on the inside, they make sure no matter how hard you train, your ankles stay comfort as much as possible.



Ankle Straps


3) See other Amonx ankle straps selection

Our ankle straps are compatible with all gym cable machines, resistance bands set with door anchors and you can even use it with your long resistance bands loop set. Amonax ankle straps are great addition to your home gym exercise, or bring it to gym to have your own ankle wraps.
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH TRAINING ACCESSORY - Amonax ankle straps are compatible with all gym cable pulley machines and resistance bands set with door anchors. A great addition to help you shape your legs and glutes through kick back exercises, leg lifts, abductor training, and other glute exercises.
  • UPGRADED D-RING FOR Maxiumum Comfortability – Amonax D Ring uses top quality stainless steels, and are innovatively designed to prevent skin irritation made by the D ring during exercises like any other brands. They are great choice for cable attachments for gym.
  • EXTRA COMFORT - Amonax Ankle Cuffs has extra-thick padded lining, and adjustable Velcro straps to make it suitable for both men and women, junior and senior. The added comfortability provides great support to allow you focus only on your weight and strength training.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Amonax ankle fitness straps use top quality fabric, extra strong stainless steel for D-ring buckle, and double knitting technology to ensure our straps are long-lasting and durable. They are available in black and pink.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL - Amonax ankle straps comes in pink or black. It is a great gift for him/her. The ankle strap pair makes a great home workout equipment for men and women, excellent choice for home fitness equipment.
Pad Width 10.5 cm
Pad Length 21 cm
Diameter Range 17-33 cm
Strap Size 24 cm
Patented Design Feature Horizontal D-ring design


Customer Reviews

Based on 241 reviews
A pro strap

The quality of this strap is amazing. It's very comfortable to wear and well made, great materials throughout.
It's quite big but that is a positive for me. A narrow strap will cause you pain and eventually leave marks.
It's a bit heavy, due to the metal handle which is quite big. Again a plus - it's solid and you can attach multiple hooks to it. You also have another smaller metal handle to secure the velcro strap. Amazing!!!
It looks very professional, has a nice logo on the front and comes in a decent box which makes it a gift material.
The price, although not the cheapest probably, is in no way excessive considering the quality of this strap. You are buying something that will last for ages.

Overall I'm very impressed with this strap. It's a great addition to my set of resistance bands which have ankle straps but this one is way more comfortable and easier to use. I totally recommend it!

The best ankle straps I’ve ever had!!! Very durable!

"I bought this product for gym and I’m so happy and delighted !! Very durable. Easy to use. Ideal for exercising at the gym, but also at home as an extra load. Does not restrict leg movement. Very well made product worth the price. In addition ankle straps holds very well and does not detach. I’m really recommend this product for anyone!

Very good seller !!!"

Great strap thats really secure and comfortable

I really cant say enough nice things about this strap, Inexpensive but very well made, comfortable and so much better than the free little flimsy one that came with my resistance bands. i didnt realise i needed a better one till i saw this and gave it a try. So much more comfortable and the D Ring is much better attached, bigger and thicker giving this many more uses. i just attached a little resistance band for the pics but it can take so much more and i plan to now use it on the machines in the gym as well.

I LOVE This Ankle Strap!

"This is a review of a free item I was sent for evaluation.

I regularly use these types of straps as part of my exercise regimen, and have always used the ones supplied at my gym. I thought I would give this one a go and see what the difference was in terms of quality and comfort.

When I tried these I used them for three different exercises and can honestly say that they have made those exercises so comfortable. The straps supplied by the gym have a traditional buckle, which always digs into the side of my ankle when undertaking the exercise; however these do not dig in at all.

The strap is a nice size, and I believe the length of the strap would afford itself to fit any sized person. It seems to be well made, the velcro seems strong, and I would not expect the stitching to rip any time soon, even with a heavier weight attached.

Overall I’m pleased with this item and I will continue to use this during my workouts."

Great support and very strong

Very comfortable Ankle strap, nice and strong too, great support and easy to clean.

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