Nothing beats the comfort of a gym bar pad for hip thrusts and squats. It will protect your shoulders during squats. The following features of Amonax barbell bar pad for hip thrusts and squats ensures it carries away all excess strain and discomfort during a heavy lift:

 barbell pad


High Density Foam.

Amonax barbell bar pad for hip thrusts and squats has extremely deep cushioning that provides a soft and supportive layer between you and the bar. The barbell bar pad for hip thrusts and squat is high-density and shock absorbent, acting as a great accessory in combination with squat rack and bench, hip thrust bench and ankle straps.


squat neck pad


Ergonomic Design.

The ergonomic design offers support as well as comfort. This design helps to redistribute weight and pressure on your body and help you to lift correctly. It is one of the must-have gym essentials.


hip thrust pad



Amonax barbell bar pad for hip thrusts and squats is portable and lightweight. The deep cushioning, high-density weight bar cushion won’t flatten even with the heaviest weight. This barbell protector bar pad for hip thrusts and squat is ideal for hip thrusts as well as traditional squats. It is one of the vital weight lifting accessories to be included in your gym bag.


barbell pad velcro



The Velcro straps ensure that it’s extremely stable and secure. They hold the barbell cover pad firmly in place and you can tighten them depending on the size of the bar.


weight bar cushion



Amonax barbell bar pad for hip thrusts and squat will fit any Standard or Olympic bars. There’s no danger of this Standard / Olympic bar pad slipping, sliding, or falling off, which can be a problem with some other safety squat bar bell pad.


Customer Reviews

Based on 335 reviews
Justin Martin
Thick material, good quality

This withstands a 405 hip thrust with no bruising.

Shannon sadowski
Works great

Fits bar well, stays in place,comfortable and easy to clean.

Jenny Green
Great customer service

The barbell pad came a bit bruised and so I reached out to customer service through the slip that came with my order. They were super responsive and quickly shipped out a new one for me. I have bought from this brand before and really like the quality of their products. My local gym also uses these!

Love it!

I love this new addition for my work out.

Benjamin Jon Phillips
Works good

Wayyyyy smaller then I thought! Soft tho

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