Elevate every workout with Amonax wrist weights, designed for adaptability and comfort. The ankle weights adjustable transform your exercises, whether it's high-intensity training or strength-building, adding the necessary resistance to turn ordinary workouts into extraordinary fitness achievements.




running weights




Adjustable Weight

Each Amonax leg weights comes with individual weight packets, allowing you to adjust the load precisely to your workout level and goals, ensuring progressive training that evolves with you.




ankle weights 2kg




Durable Solid Cast Iron

Each adjustable packet, filled with high-density iron, ensures reliable and even weight distribution, enhancing every movement with consistent resistance.




1kg ankle weights




Comfortable Silicone

Like a second skin, the silicone bala bangles embraces your wrists, providing a snug fit that moves with you, allowing for a workout that's both vigorous and void of discomfort.




2kg ankle weights




Secure Fastening

With robust velcro straps designed for durability, our leg weights for women remain firmly in place, adapting seamlessly to your every move throughout even the most dynamic workouts.




ankle weights 1kg




Ease of Maintenance

Thanks to the water-resistant silicone exterior, a wipe down is all it takes to clean the rucking weights, making them ready for your next workout in no time.




wrist weights 2kg




Enhanced Dumbbell Rows

Feel the narrative of strength unfold with each pull. The added resistance from the wrist weights turns every row into a deeper testament to your dedication.




wrist and ankle weights



Water Aerobics

Transform the pool into a resistance chamber. Our swimming weights are designed to stay secure, even during aquatic exercises, adding a dimension of strength training to your swim strokes.



ankle weights adjustable





Running Workouts

Strap on Amonax to bring an extra burst of cardio to your runs. The running weights increase resistance with each stride, boosting endurance and maximizing the energy expenditure.








ankle and wrist weights set 




Supportive Rehabilitation Tool

Amonax wrist & ankle weights aid in smooth and safe recovery, offering adjustable resistance for gradual strength and mobility improvement. Ideal for rebuilding muscle and joint fortification, they ensure a balanced recovery process.

  • [Premium Foam Handles] - The handles are ergonomically designed and made from premium quality foams with just the right firmness. During your movement, the majority of your weight is on your hands, it is so essential to have Amonax comfort grips so that you can enjoy the pain that is turning your belly fat into 6 pack muscles without irritating your hands.
  • [Rubber Wheel Tread] – Amonax ab roller is wrapped around by top quality rubber wheel tyre. The abdominal wheel tread allows the ab roller to roll smoothly on most surfaces with minimal noise level. Amonax abs exercise equipment makes great fitness gifts for any family friends even kids (use with supervision). Amonax stomach fitness roller is an essential home workout equipment for women and men.
  • [Double Wheel Setting] - Amonax double-wheel setting ab machine gives greater balance and control, making it ideal for beginners. This setting primarily engages the most important muscles of the core: the rectus abdominis - this muscle makes up the often sought-after “six pack abs” (or firm abs). Amonax ab wheel is a great weight loss equipment for home and fitness equipment for home gym.
  • [Single Wheel Setting] - As you progress to single-wheel setting, Amonax abs roller wheel allows you to engage other muscles including transverse abdominis (the TVA muscles), shoulder muscles, back muscles, forearms and other core muscles. The more unstable it is, the more muscle groups it engages. Amonax abs exercize wheel makes an ideal addition to your gym at home equipment.
  • [Great Home Gym Equipment] – The two settings ultimately complement each other to help you achieve all your training goals in a more efficient way. Amonax exercise roller is a great piece of fitness gym equipment for home gym. This Ab trimmer can be an ideal addition to your weight loss equipment kit. It is a must-have stomach excercise home fitness equipment kit for both men and women.
Handle Length 12*2 cm
Product Length 34 cm
Wheel Diameter 17 cm
Steel Pipe Diameter 3 cm
Double Wheel Spacing 10 cm
Product Weight 0.73 KG
Max Weight 441 LB/200 KG


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Easy to adjust and put on wrist or biceps, but wish there was smaller settings

I got these specifically to use when playing VR games such as BeatSaber. It takes a little time to adjust, and it fits decently well! For more vigorous activities I would have liked if this got even tighter, I have smaller wrists/forearms and even tightening it pretty well I feel like I could tighten it further, however the weights do not allow me to do so.

Harry Reilly
Use these for my Zumba classes

I love using these weights during my exercise classes. I don't have to worry about holding a weight in my hand that many other people have used. Now I just take mine out of my bag and they go back in when class is over. I also love that I can adjust the weight by just sliding them on an off.

Evelyn Middleton
no head line

I like them

Amelia Turner
Adjustable wrist AND ankle weights

Ive looked at weights in the past and thought they would be awkward to wear. I got these and theyre pretty awesome to step up my exercise routine. They fit my wrists and ankles great.

Lily Green
Good size, and surprisingly comfortable

Most weights like this are uncomfortable to wear. These have a soft fabric to attach the velcro to, that is also quite long, so fit easily on ankles and wrists alike.

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