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Michelle Berry
Pick up heavy things

Did you know modern exercise? Science says that weightlifting is the single most important exercise activity. You can do to improve health longevity. Joint manipulation heart rate Blood Pressure. All the metrics that we measure a person's physical health can be improved simply by picking up heavy things. And putting them back down again. And with this weight set, you're a lot closer to achieving your goals

The finish on the weights are good. The weights when tested on a scale are showing proper weight that they should be at. They fit snugly when screwed in place on a one inch barbell. And the handle holes on the outside exterior of the weight plates makes it easy to stack the weights on or take them off. Seriously, if you need me need a elaborate, any further about why to buy it. I don't know what else to tell you, Buy it.

Rebecca Richards
weights are the best value

A weight is a weight, so the cost factor and quality are the only considerations. These plates have smooth edges and are finished in a durable hammer tone paint. I have purchased them on multiple orders so there is a slight color difference among the sets.

center holes not drilled out enough to fit bar

the center holes was too small to fit barbell.

Kasey Rae
Not a 1 inch opening

I ordered these since weights for 1 inch bars have been hard to come by. They'd be nice, but the opening is almost 1/2 inch too big.

Late delivery

Product good waited a week for delivery

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