Nothing beats the comfort of a gym hip thrust cushion bar pad. It will protect your neck shoulders during squats. The following features of Amonax hip thrust cushion pad ensures it carries away all excess strain and discomfort during a heavy lift:

 hip thrust cushion


High Density Foam.

Amonax barbell cover hip thrust cushion has extremely deep cushioning that provides a soft and supportive layer between you and the bar. The barbell hip thrust cushion pad is high-density and shock absorbent, acting as a great accessory in combination with squat rack and bench, hip thrust bench and ankle straps.


neck cushion for squats



Ergonomic Design.

The ergonomic design offers support as well as comfort. This design helps to redistribute weight and pressure on your body and help you to lift correctly. It is one of the must-have gym essentials.


hip thrust cushion



Amonax squat pad hip thrust cushion for barbell is portable and lightweight. The deep cushioning, high-density weight bar cushion won’t flatten even with the heaviest weight. This weight bar protector pad is ideal for hip thrusts as well as traditional squats. It is one of the vital weight lifting accessories to be included in your gym bag.


hip thrust cushion



The Velcro straps ensure that it’s extremely stable and secure. They hold the hip thrust cushion pad firmly in place and you can tighten them depending on the size of the bar.


weight bar protector



Amonax hip thrust cushion squat pad will fit any Standard or Olympic bars. There’s no danger of this Standard / Olympic bar pad slipping, sliding, or falling off, which can be a problem with some other safety squat bar bell pad.


  • Comfort - Extra thick foam pad evenly distributes weight for more support during heavy weight squats, hip thrusts, lunges and any heavy barbell exercise.
  • Durable - Extra dense form dramatically increased durability of our barbell pad. Making it robust yet lightweight & comfortable to skin.
  • Safety - The velcro straps ensure our squat pad wraps around the bar tightly at all times. More comfort for hip thrusts and much safer with heavy weight workout.
  • Stress Relieve - Ergonomic curvature fits neck perfectly to relieve stress from the neck and back, increasing comfort meanwhile supporting bigger weights or more reps.
  • Warranty - We provide 2 years warranty to ensure the long-time enjoyment of your purchase. Please contact us with any questions or concerns - we are here to help.
Length 44 cm
Diameter Range 8 - 13 cm
Suitable for All Types of Barbells (Inc. Convertible Dumbbells)


Customer Reviews

Based on 402 reviews
Works a treat.

Works a treat. Doesn't move, is secure and comfortable. Great buy and looks the part too

Best one yet

I��ve tried many pads and this one is by far the best one. Its comfy, fits on the bar with ease, and you don��t get left with marks on your hip bone.
It is a little big to carry but that��s a minor issue.

Sue Hittle
No more pain

I use this for barbell hip thrusts and it does the job perfectly. I forgot my pad one week and had to use one of the gyms own pads and it was horrendous in comparison.

Sturdy and protective, it withstands me hip thrusting three times per week with weight up to 180kg. I get zero discomfort when using this and will always repurchase when wear and tear gets too much.

Sabrina Johnston
Only barbell pad I'll use for my clients for hip thrusts

All other pads have still left me and my clients with bruises on our hips, this is the only one we can comfortably lift over 100kg.

Ok, but too thick for me

Maybe this is because I am petite but although this did help with my neck pain from the barbell I found it way too thick and it puts my arms in an akward position and pulls my body to lean back as it positions the bar away from resting naturally. A slimmer one would be ideal.

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