Amonax Patented Funnel Technology - the Key to Be #1 in Calorie Burning.

Amonax patented Funnel Technology provides a unique way to connect the rope to the handle where handle provides minimal friction for the rope to rotate, allowing steady-state skipping to be achieved faster and to last longer. This technology prevents rope from tangling, allowing jumpers to go from a high intensity to a low intensity (and vice-versa) within a split-second – the HIIT training, one of the most efficient weight loss workout.



Rope Size and Density Matters.

The thickness and density of the cable is the next important factor for Amonax rope to be #1 in calorie burning. While 2.5 mm steel wire thin rope specializes in indoor speed jumping for advanced users, Amonax 4 mm rope uses strong steel wire and high-density PU material (not the cheap PVC). This combination is designed to last long on any non-abrasive surfaces, as well as adding extra resistances to your skipping, resulting in a more efficient calorie burn.



 Long, Strong, Comfort Handles.

Amonax handles are ergonomically designed, made of hard shatter-proof plastics, wrapped around by a layer of anti-slip memory foam. Amonax handles are long handles. This gives you more control and flexibility when doing crossing movements. Long handles (at least 5 inches) are essential if you want to mix up your rope skipping with some cool tricks (adding tricks into your routine jumping can burn more calories). Amonax handles allow you to do this easily.



Amonax Rope Burns 2x More Calories Than Others

Amonax calorie burning rope is a great fitness accessory to be added to your vaiours workout and exercises, an ideal weight loss equipment for home gym.



Just to get you started, here is an simple example of how Amonax rope can be used to burn calories:
Jump for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds
Jump while running in place for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds
Jump with high knees for 30 seconds, rest for 10 seconds
Jump with butt kicks for 30 seconds, rest for one minute
Repeat three to five times depending on your fitness level.
  • Amonax FUNNEL Technology-our patented funnel technology effectively reduces the friction between the rope and the handle, and supports high-speed rotation of the skipping rope.
  • Ball Bearing System-This system maximally ensures the smooth rotation of the fast-rotating speed rope.
  • Adjustable Length-we use extra-long wire rope (3.1m) to make it suitable for everyone and suitable for all exercise purposes. The length can be adjusted as needed.
  • Strong Rope-Coated PVC makes the rope super durable, ensuring its longest life and avoiding cracks or breaks.
  • Maximum Comfort-The Amonax skipping rope is made of a lightweight and ergonomic handle. The handle is coated with thick, soft memory foam for a more comfortable and firm grip.
  • Warranty-We provide a 2-year warranty to ensure long-term enjoyment of your purchase. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know-we are here to help you.
Handle length 14.5 cm
Handle diameter 3.2 cm
Rope length 3.1 m
Rope diameter 4 mm
Rope material PU steel wire


Customer Reviews

Based on 553 reviews
Great for Son's Classes

Works great, adjustable and good value for the money


The Amonax skipping rope is the best rope I've used so far. I do a lot of conditioning work and I've used quite a few ropes before but none compare to this one.
- High quality components, i have a good feeling this is a very durable rope.
- Can reach high speed fast, usually the ropes I've used before do not have a threaded wire inside the plastic coating, this is definitely giving me more propulsion and therefore speed.
- Great grip.
- Honestly none to mention so far
All in all so far a very nice high quality feel skipping rope, this will be staying in my gym bag that's for sure.

Best jump rope!

I highly recommend this jump rope it’s such great quality plus it is super light if you are going to carry it in your gym bag

Andrea Unruh

Bought these to work out and they are durable and worth the price I paid for them.

Good looking rope

A rope with a patent - that's unusual everyday consumer product! Anyway, it does what it's meant to do, especially in these covid times.

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