Whether you’re a yogi who loves to run, or a runner looking to invest in a yoga mat for that soothing post-run stretch, Amonax yoga mat is one of the best yoga equipment to invest.


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Non-Slip Grip

It’s impossible to enjoy a relaxing yoga session when you can’t plant your feet in reverse warrior without slipping. Amonax non-slip yoga mats are made from high density TPE. TPE are known as thermoplastic rubber, it consists of materials with thermoplastic and elastomeric qualities. This means Amonax yoga mats provide the most stable base possible from carpet to tiles and hardwood floors, as well as for both sweaty hands and feet. The TPE yoga mats are a relative newcomer to the yoga mat market. Right now, it is the most popular yoga mat in Europe.

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Amonax non-slip yoga mat is 6 mm thick, thick enough to protect your spine from hard floors but not so cushioned that your limbs will sink into it, throwing you off balance. Amonax yoga mats provides just the right amount of support.

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Amonax thick, non slip yoga mat won’t withstand very intense HIIT workouts or dropped dumbbells, but it emerges unscathed from casual HIIT workout and Pilates without any rips or dents. Due to its thickness, premium quality, Amonax non-slip yoga mat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor yoga. It is one of the best-buy yoga mats online.

foam yoga and pilates mat



Amonax thick, non-slip yoga mat provides just the perfect balance between weights and thickness. Despite being a long yoga mat (6 ft x 2 ft in size, or 183cm x 62 cm) compared to a conventional yoga mat, weighing 0.8 kg, with a 6 mm thickness, Amonax thick, non-slip yoga mat can roll up easily, making it compact for any yoga classes in gym, Pilates in the park, travelling and many more occasions. Thanks to the lightweight nature of TPE material, Amonax non-slip yoga mat is much lighter than a same-sized rubber yoga mat and can be a good travel yoga mat.

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Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

One of other major advantages of TPE yoga mat is: TPE material has increased eco-friendliness and recyclability. This makes Amonax non-slip yoga mats more eco-friendly than PVC yoga mats. They are made of 100% non-toxic materials and biodegradable in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions.

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Amonax thick, non-slip yoga mat is easy to take care of. After every practice, wipe mat clean with damp cloth and air dry before rolling and storing out of direct sunlight. It's best to avoid wearing shoes on these mats and complete your practices bare foot so as not to damage them. It is considered to be one of the best anti-slip yoga mats for beginners, as well as for fitness professionals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Excellent purchase

Brilliant does the job easy to clean. Light and practical giving support and grip

Oscar Brennan
Good quality product

A lovely feel and size to this product. Works well and would recommend.

Martha Dunn
Great Yoga Mat!

I love this Yoga Mat. Comfortable, easy to fold & carry with the strap that comes with it.

Luca Evans

Non slip fabulous yoga mat. Brilliant price too!

Maureen McKenna

I have just starting using this for two days now, but it does the job, my knees dont hurt and it stays in place and it doesnt feel like it will soon break (like others rated on other mats post sale- not on this).

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