If you are serious about strength training, you will need the help of a barbell pad, simply because nothing beats the comfort of Amonax barbell pad!

So what is a barbell pad? A barbell pad is known as a squat pad or hip thrust pad. A barbell pad is a thick foam cushioning to protect you from the barbell when you lift heavy weights. 

What's the benefits of Amonax barbell pad? Amonax barbell pad has a number of benefits which can assist you to improve your strength training routine:

1) Comfort - Amonax barbell pad has thick and dense cushioning and is designed to take the pressure off your hips, neck and upper back.

2) Support - Amonax barbell pad provides just the perfect support to you and allows you to push yourself further with more raps.

3) Injury reduction - Barbell bars can get very slippery during a sweating training session. The added comfort and support of Amonax barbell pad can really prevent this from happening and reduces your risk of injury.

4) Technique - Effective strength training is all about good technique. Amonax barbell pad allows you to focus on techniques without having to worry about a slippery barbell bar, or how to find balance and posture. This is all because Amonax barbell pad is so comfortable!

5) Portable - Owning your own barbell pads can keep you comfortable wherever you choose to train. Amonax barbell pads are light weight, durable and allow you to take them with you anywhere you go.

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