Standard Barbell Bar


Amonax Barbell Weight Bar - #1 Weapon for a Perfect, Sculped Body.

When it comes to fitness weights training, the following features of Amonax standard barbell weight bar have made it easily one of the most popular choices amongst fitness enthusiasts:


Standard Barbell Bar


1) Suitable for 1 inch weight plates.

Measuring 120 cm (4 ft) in length, with a 2.5 cm (1‘’) diameter, Amonax gym barbell matches perfectly with 1-inch barbell weight plates. Amonax chest press bar can take barbell plates that are made of any materials including cast iron plates, hammerstone disc weights, rubber barbell weights etc.


Standard Barbell Bar


2) Weight collars to secure weights.

Amonax squat bar collars serve as barbell clips / barbell clamps to keep your gym bar and weights secured tightly. You can do your weightlifting bar bell workout safely even with the heaviest overhead lifts. Amonax strength training bars are ideal to be included in any body-pump weight set.


Standard Barbell Bar


3) Knurled handles for strong grip.

Amonax lifting bar handles have featured knurling pattern that are made from two sets of diagonal groves going in opposite directions. It is an essential weight training equipment to be included in any strength training weight set for men and women.



The millions of tiny diamond shapes that are formed by the knurling patterns offer excellent assistance to your grips as well as maximize comfort even during the heaviest lifts, allowing you to do all your weightlifting exercises in complete safety. Compared to ez curl bar that targets small muscles such as biceps and triceps, Amonax straight bar can exercise all your muscles from chest to legs.



4) 100% Solid steel with chrome finish.

Amonax 1 inch barbell weight bars for lifting are built from 100% premium quality solid steels. This beautiful chrome finish are amongst the most expensive finish (compared to bare steel, zinc finish, and black oxide finish), offering the best protection from rusting. This deadlift bar can carry a maximum load of 50kg, and is a perfect gym equipment for home weights. It can be used in combination with weight bench set and be an essential bench press gym equipment.



Challenge yourself with exercises such as the bench press, hip thrust, side bend, high pull, barbell row, biceps curl, triceps extension, reverse fly, deadlift, shrug, squat, lunge and calf raise, to target all of the major muscle groups in the body. Toning and strengthening these muscles will not only add spectacular definition to your body, it will also help improve muscular endurance, promote healthy weight loss and assist with injury prevention. Even without a rack or bench, the classic barbell can be used to train a number of muscle groups such as shoulders, arms, back and legs. Together with a bench, it's the ultimate weapon for a perfect, sculpted body.
  • [COMPATIBLE WITH 1'' WEIGHT PLATES] - Amonax barbell bar is compatible with any weights that are 1'' thick, this include cast iron weights set (including other metal weights), rubber weights, vinyl weight plates and weight lifting plates that are made of other materials. Amonax weighted bar (bar weights: 6.9kg/15lbs) are perfect equipment to be included in any weight set for home gym.
  • [100% STEEL WITH CHROME FINISH] - The premium quality of Amonax steel bars have resulted in their longevity and therefore making them an essential equipment to be included in any body pump barbell weight set. Amonax 1 inch barbell is compatible with most weight bench, squat rack, barbell stand, as well as other weight lifting accessories including barbell pad etc.
  • [150KG / 330LBS MAXIMUM LOAD CAPACITY] - Amonax gym barbell has a weight receiving area of 33 cm (13 inches) each side of the bar bell bar, allowing for a maximum capacity of 75 kg barbell weights set each side, totaling 150 kg of squat weights (or weightlifting set). Its compact size makes it an ideal studio barbell for home gym weights.
  • [2 BARBELL COLLARS INCLUDED] - They lock the weight plates in place making sure they do not move outward causing either uneven weight distribution or dangerous distraction. Amonax fitness collars are made with 100% solid steels and can be tightly secured on the weight bar so you can focus on your training.
  • Warranty - All Amonax chest press bars / bar for weights provide 2 years warranty to ensure the long-time enjoyment of your purchase. Please contact us with any questions or concerns - we are here to help.


Length of Bar 6 FT / 180 CM
Compatible with 1'' Weight Plate
Max. Load 150 KG / 330 LBS
Sleeve Length 33 CM / 13''
Grip Diameter 1''
Dual Knurls Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Fburg Gma
Let's rock and roll

My plates still slide on perfectly.

beva diddie
Great bar for the price!

Overall a great bar for home gym owners on a budget. I think I will get great use out of this bar for years to come and it was really cheap! I rather save the money that a rogue version would've cost and spend it on other gym items.

Great Value and Utility for the Price

I really like this bar

For the money, a great bar!

It has no effect on functionality. For what I need it for, this bar will fit the bill perfectly, and it was so cheap the wife didn't even get that mad.

Angela K Pierpont
Great Value and seems like the bar is very well made

Just got my Bar this morning. Very fast delivery. I was so excited,

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