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Which dumbbell weight set to buy for training? | Amonax


What are the best dumbbells weights you should be using? A comprehensive comparison of options.

Dumbbell weights set


Dumbbells as equipment can be used for all your strength and resistance workouts. If you're someone who's confused about dumbbell options, check this article out.

Working out may always have been your jam, or maybe it's a new thing for you. Thus, making workouts productive might present some problems, one of which is a lack of convenient fitness equipment when you want to do exercises.

You can still pack some muscles and develop a leaner, more defined body in your own home. Sure body workouts are awesome, but incorporating some dumbbell weights will absolutely take your workout to the next level.

To help you make your decision, go through a few options to find the finest dumbbells for your workout experience according to your budget.

Dumbbell weights set


What is a dumbbell?

Dumbbells are pieces of fitness equipment used for weight-lifting exercises. These are free weights that are used in place of exercise machines. Most dumbbell weights are built with a narrow handle in the centre and two large discs at each end.

Dumbbell weights can vary; the lighter ones weigh a few kgs while the heavier ones can weigh 50 kgs or more. Dumbbells can be used singly (one dumbbell in one hand) or in pairs.


Benefits of dumbbells

 Women's dumbbell

 The key benefits of dumbbells are:

1. Easy to Store: Dumbbells weights are easy to store away since you do not need much space.

2. The Versatility of Exercises: Dumbbells weights allow you to perform many exercises, ranging from aerobics to strength and power movements.

3. Stabilizes Muscles: Exercising with dumbbells weights allows for stabilizing and activating the deeper muscles. Your joints require a lot of stabilization around them, in turn activating the deeper muscles to help that stabilization.

4. Improve Any Imbalances: Dumbbells help improve any imbalances you might have in your body. Your bodies have both a strong and weak side. Using dumbbells weights regularly can eliminate that imbalance since you can use the same weight until both your arms have equal strength.

5. Range of Motion: Since dumbbell weights can be individually used in both arms, you can have a deeper range of motion, which is required for a few exercises to activate the primary muscles. Even though it's not always advisable, you have that freedom of choice if you want to squeeze a little harder or bring the dumbbells a little lower.


Different types of dumbbells:

1. Adjustable and Convertible Dumbbell Set: This adjustable dumbbell set has different weight plates you can attach to, so modify the length of the bar if you want to add several plates later. One classic example is Amonax’s adjustable dumbbells 20 kg weights set available in the United Kingdom. Its handle is made with premium quality stainless steel. Basically, it's indestructible. Its dumbbell weight plates are made with 100% cast iron with an anti-rust coating. You need to attach them with spinlocks at the end of each side which is included in the package.

Adjustable dumbbells 20 kg weights set


2. Smart Adjustable Dumbbells: This adjustable weight dumbbell uses mechanical adjustment. You can make a single pair of dumbbells that have many weights attached to them. Here you have a range of weights between 2 kgs to 24 kgs or more and you can change them in increments of 2.5 kgs. What they do is they have many dumbbells in one single pair so they are easy to store, are most valuable for your money, and are also usable for a variety of different exercises.


3. Dumbbells for Women: The neoprene dumbbells are colourful weight-set dumbbells, usually used for lightweight resistance training or weighted aerobics. One good example is Amonax neoprene dumbbells, 12 kgs. The most important factor is its unwavering quality guarantee. The cast iron inside is not only of top and long-lasting quality but also strong. This hand-weight dumbbell set is a must-have fitness equipment with non-slip coated neoprene to enhance its grip during training and avoids any floor damage also.


4. Fixed-weight Dumbbells: Fixed dumbbells come in two different types of shapes and materials. One that is circular at both ends and the other one that's hexagonal at both ends. For material, they come in a wide range of materials, including chrome, rubber, and urethane, a few to name. The difference between these materials is that chrome is expensive and easily corrodible. Rubber is the most robust and inexpensive as urethane, being robust but at the same time more expensive than rubber.


A comparison table of adjustable dumbbell set

Adjustable & convertible dumbbell set

Smart adjustable dumbbell

Neoprene  dumbbell

Fixed weight dumbbell


under £100

over £300

under £50

under £50

Weight range

10-20 kgs, adjustable in 1-1.5 kgs increments

10–90 lbs. (4.5–40.8 kg) adjustable in 5-lb. (2.3-kg) increments

1 to 3 kg

2.5–50 kg

Sold as

set of 2

set of 2

set of pairs with or without storage rack









Dumbbell exercises

Check the 7 top dumbbell exercises for muscle building:

1. Dumbbell Curls

dumbbell curls

2. Dumbbell Clean

dumbbell clean

3. Renegade Row

Renegade row

4. Bent over Row

Bent over row

5. Dumbbell Kickback

Dumbbell kickback

6. Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell bench press

7. Arnold Press

Arnold press



Adding dumbbell weight to your gym setup will help you choose between a variety of exercises to perform without the need for other equipment. You can do a wide variety of freestyle movements with dumbbells.

Performing aerobic exercises and power movements becomes easily possible with dumbbells. So the choice is yours which dumbbell type you buy.

Ideally, pick up the hexagonal dumbbells with a couple of different weights and they should be good enough. However, if you want the versatility of 7 dumbbells in 1, get  Amonax’s 20 kg adjustable dumbbell set because of the variety that it offers.

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