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When it comes to glute training, Amonax glute training set is a real game-changer. It consists of a heavy fabric resistance band (if you are interested in the light and medium booty band, please look at our fabric resistance bands set as a separate product), a pair of ankle straps for cable machine, and a barbell squat pad.

barbell pad


Nothing beats the comfort of Amonax barbell squat pad. It will protect your shoulders during squats. The deep cushioning, high-density weight bar pad won’t flatten even with the heaviest weight. This barbell squat pad is ideal for hip thrusts as well as traditional squats. It is one of the vital weight lifting accessories to be included in your gym bag.

barbell pad


Amonax squat pad for barbell will fit any Standard or Olympic bars, as well as home use convertible dumbbells/barbells. There’s no danger of this Standard / Olympic squat bar pad slipping, sliding, or falling off, which can be a problem with some other safety barbell pad.

hip thrust pad


The durable, soft, heavy duty cottons, premium quality natural latex, along with the intricate double stitching along the side makes Amonax gym fabric resistance band a seamless squat band for booty and glutes. This cotton and latex combo are built to last, provide a secure and tight grip that does not compromise elasticity and comfort at all.

hip thrust pad


Amonax resistance workout band women and men are among the most versatile muscle builder for taking your glute workout to the next level. The heavy resistance band is designed to push you to the limit as you work through glute-activation exercises. They have been tested to make sure they are non slip and hold up even in the toughest workout in sweats (no snap, slip, roll up or slack).

hip thrust pad


Amonax ankle cuffs for cable machine use top quality Velcro straps, and they are deliberately made wider to provide extra security on your ankles. This allows you to focus more on your weight training or leg and glutes workout as they don't slip around your ankles.


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  AMONAX Fabric resistance bands AMONAX Barbell Squat Pad (turquoise) Amonax Standard barbell bar 120cm Amonax Ankle Straps for Cable Machines Amonax Cast Iron Weight Set 20kg
Main function A must-have in glute training Used on barbells for maximum comfort Strength training on both upper and lower body Glutes and legs training Arms and upper body training
Key benefit Portable, effective Allow you to train on heavier weight Very effective strength training tool Compatible with both long resistance bands and pulley machine A compact strength training tool



  • Comfort - Extra thick foam pad evenly distributes weight for more support during heavy weight squats, hip thrusts, lunges and any heavy barbell exercise.
  • Durable - Extra dense form dramatically increased durability of our barbell pad. Making it robust yet lightweight & comfortable to skin.
  • Safety - The velcro straps ensure our squat pad wraps around the bar tightly at all times. More comfort for hip thrusts and much safer with heavy weight workout.
  • Stress Relieve - Ergonomic curvature fits neck perfectly to relieve stress from the neck and back, increasing comfort meanwhile supporting bigger weights or more reps.
  • Warranty - We provide 2 years warranty to ensure the long-time enjoyment of your purchase. Please contact us with any questions or concerns - we are here to help.
Length 44 cm
Diameter Range 8 - 13 cm
Suitable for All Types of Barbells (Inc. Convertible Dumbbells)


Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Amanda Compton

Love this set, it's perfect for the gym!

Mariam Ali-Calderon
gym essentials

very useful with my workouts. worth the money

Brooke Rivers
Great quality, happy with my purchase!!

This product was exactly what I expected and did not disappoint at all. Perfect for regular gym use.

Jillian Rizzo
Great product

This is such a great deal and great quality

Pablo Reina
Great deal

This is such a good deal for the price. I use everything at the gym almost every day and each item works well

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