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Buying guide for barbell pads


Buying guide for barbell pads

Looking for the best barbell pad in the United Kingdom but overwhelmed with options? Amonax offers the best barbell foam pad option of superior quality at affordable prices!


barbell pad for squat and hip thrusts


What is a barbell pad?

The barbell pad is a must-buy if you dedicatedly work out most days, if not all seven days. The barbell foam pad is a thick foam designed to wrap around the gym barbells. Its primary purpose is to protect the exerciser's neck and shoulder with a customised barbell cushion. The product is shock absorbent and reduces the risk of injuries and the weight concentration on a particular spot.

One of the best brands from where to purchase a barbell pad is AMONAX. To ensure your fitness journey has all the right equipment, buy the best barbell foam pad from AMONAX today!

What are the benefits of using a barbell pad?

There are numerous benefits to using a barbell pad for workouts. Among the top benefits, the following are some:

  • Minimises Back Pain: Using a squat barbell pad during workouts can effectively reduce the load on particular neck and back points, evenly distributing the load. Even reduced load placement minimises the chances of long-term spinal cord pain.
  • More Gain than Pain: Using a foam barbell pad during workouts enables effective workouts without tiring quickly. Constraining physical stress reduces body exhaustion and tiredness benefiting workouts more.
  • Prevents Injuries: Using a foam barbell pad also prevents physical injuries and accidents.
  • Helps Maintain Alignment: Proper body alignment during workouts is crucial for the best results, and using a foam barbell pad When no bodily joints, ligaments, or tendons get pinched or pressed discomforting, the posture automatically improves and focus on the combination improves. 


barbell pad for squat, squat pad


What makes a good barbell pad?

A suitable barbell pad is a long-term investment; therefore, you must consider many things before buying a foam barbell pad. 

Here's a list of aspects you should look for in a good foam barbell pad.

  • Material: While choosing a foam barbell pad, such as a barbell hip thrust pad, barbell squat pad or barbell neck pad, it is essential to understand the material and quality. Top-quality barbell pads come made with thick foam or rubber. The quality foam/rubber makes them durable and comfortable to use. The Amonax barbell hip thrust pad is made of foam and is 3.3 cm thick.
  • Width: A barbell pad should be suitable for all workouts. An Amonax barbell pad is perfect for all exercises as it is wide enough to cover the neck, shoulders, and hips.
  • Harness: The barbell pad should be the right fit to avoid accidents and discomfort. The Amonax barbell pad, for instance, can be tightly fastened around the bars, reducing slips and slides. 

Different types of barbell pad

1. The Classic Barbell Pad

The classic barbell pad by Amonax is durable and perfectly suited for light and heavy-weight exercises such as hip thrusts, lunges and heavy-weight squats.

Length: 44 cm

Thickness: 3.3 cm


barbell pad for squat, squat pad


2. The Fabric-covered Barbell Pad

The fabric-covered barbell pad has anti-slippery dots ensuring that the barbell pad tightly fits across the bar. This barbell pad has a cotton layer that is comfortable on the skin.

Length: 44 cm

Thickness: 3.3 cm


barbell pad for squat, squat pad


3. Pro Barbell Pad

This bar pad for hip thrusts is specially designed with a thicker hip thrust cushion to make heavy weights comfortable when doing hip exercises. Opt for the Amonax barbell neck pad and weight bar pad for neck and back exercises.

Length: 45 cm

Thickness: 6 cm


barbell pad for hip thrusts, hip thrust pad


4. Glutes Training Set

This glutes training set by Amonax is the perfect value-added beginner set for a glutes workout and includes a heavy fabric resistance band, ankle straps, and a barbell squat pad.

Length: 44 cm

Thickness: 3.3 cm


barbell pad for squat and hip thrusts, glute training


How should I choose from different types of barbell pads?

The most fundamental lookouts when choosing from different types of barbell pads are:

  • Know Your Requirement: Different barbell padssuit glutes, neck or back exercises. Identify your workout routine and invest in the right barbell pad.
  • Fabric: While some prefer classic foam barbell pads, others prefer cotton-coated fabric cover barbell pads. Know which one suits your need and routine.
  • Hip Thrust Lovers: Amonax bar pad for hip thrusts are for hip thrusts only, for those who are using very heavy weight during hip exercises. Amonax hip thrust pad will give you the ultimate comfort.
  • Personal Preference: Ultimately, it all boils down to choices. When selecting suitable barbell pads, Amonax has a vast collection of barbell pads, providing much scope for choosing the right barbell pad.


barbell pad review and comparison table



Amonax is one of the leading producers of fitness equipment in the United Kingdom. All Amonax barbell pads are of premium quality and come with two-year warranties. At Amonax, we understand that it is only possible for some to join a gym to start their workout journey. So, to make fitness available to everybody, our motto is to bring the gym to your home with fitness equipment available at your fingertips. 

To visit the Amonax website and view our exclusive fitness equipment, click here: Brand Story – AMONAX


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