A home gym is not complete without a set of Amonax assisted pull up resistance bands set. Amonax pull up power band set for men and women is an effective, versatile, and travel-size training tool proven to increase strength and stability whilst burning fat and toning lean muscle.


elastic resistance bands


#1 Portable Home Gym

The following features of Amonax assisted pull up resistance bands for exercise make them absolutely be the first choice of home gym equipment you pick up when you decide to extend your home gym beyond body weight:

assisted pull up resistance bands with door anchor


Wide Resistance Range

Amonax pull up assistance bands range from 5 lbs to 125 lbs of tension for various exercises as well as the ability to increase resistance as you get stronger. Choose an assisted pull up resistance band that you can handle and control for three sets of 10 to 15 reps of any given exercise. When this becomes too easy, congratulations, it’s time to increase your resistance.

rowing with resistance bands


Multi-Layer Construction Technique

Amonax assisted pull up resistance bands set are made of 100% premium latex, using a multi-layered construction technique to help prevent tearing and snapping during workout. All resistance bands pull up are 4.5mm thick, roughly 2m long. This gives them the ability to perform various exercises, as well as being used in combination with other home workout equipment to maximize the workout results.

elastic training band


Hand grips and Door Anchor

Amonax latex assisted pull up resistance bands include a pair of hand grips which function as handles for optimal comfort during exercises. The door anchor can be used to substitute various bulky heavy equipment such as pulley cable machine. They are ideal for chest press, side leg lift, pull through etc.

elastic stretch band


By stretching and pulling, these heavy assisted pull up resistance bands add tension both on the action and on the return. These gym bands resistance provide you with a versatile, full-body workout.

elastic resistance bands


For beginners, Amonax pull up assistance bands give you the initial strength to assist you with pull-ups and dips. You can decrease the assistance as you become stronger until you no longer need any assistance. Using our bands in Pilates and Yoga can lengthen the muscles and promote greater flexibility and mobility.

rowing with resistance bands


For advanced users, Amonax elastic pull up bands set can pair up with any free weights (bench press, kettlebell swings, etc). This is one of the major advantages of Amonax pull up resistance bands with door anchor when compared with resistance tubes with handles. For this reason, Amonax long looped resistance bands has become a must-have addition to your workout equipment.

rowing with resistance bands


Amonax pull up resistance bands with door anchor will take your weight training to a whole new level. Using these power resistance bands will further help to strengthen and tone a wide variety of muscles including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, pectorals, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes and abdominals. They are one of the most versatile fitness equipment for whole body exercises. They can be packed in a premium quality Amonax storage bag to become a portable home gym.
  • [BANDS THAT DON'T SNAP] – Amonax pull up bands set are made using premium quality commercial grade latex rubber, constructed in a multi-layered format to maximally prevent tearing and snapping. Each Amonax fitness bands resistance is 4.5 mm thick with variable width, this combination not only offers a wide rage of strength levels, but also guarantees their long-term elasticity. Amonax gym bands make great home gym equipment as strength training equipment attachment for your portable gym.
  • [5 STRENGTH LEVELS] – Amonax pull up resistance band set has 5 different strength levels. This wide range of resistance allows you to work on various progressive resistance exercises by increasing resistance levels or assisting you during bodyweight exercises. These training bands are ideal for all levels of fitness and types from powerlifting to bodybuilding and calisthenics. Amonax strength bands are brilliant fitness accessories to be included in your exercise equipment.
  • [HAND GRIPS AND DOOR ANCHOR] – Amonax gym resistance bands have a pair of hand grips and a door anchor included. The hand grips maximize the comfort during exercise. The door anchor can be used either in a doorjamb or looped around a stationary object to diversify the types of exercises you can do with the power bands resistance set. Amonax resistance bands for pull ups are perfect home exercise equipment for your home gym, even as fitness gifts.
  • [VERSATILE WHOLE BODY EXERCISES] – Amonax workout bands create a variable resistance that has been proven to accelerate progress in strength improvement and muscle growth as compared to steady resistance training. The long resistance band alone can be used to offset some resistance during workout such as assisted pull-ups, or adding resistance in workout such as resistance band deadlift. Amonax long resistance bands are essential addition to your home fitness equipment.
  • [WARRANTY] - Amonax exercise band set include a green resistance band, a blue, black, red resistance band, and an orange physio resistance band. This set makes a great sports equipment tummy exercise, weight training, strength training and many other trainings including HIIT. Amonax provides 2 years warranty on this workout bands resistance men to ensure the long-time enjoyment of your purchase.
Material Natural Latex
Length 2080 mm
Thickness 4.5 mm
Orange Band Width 6 mm
Red Band Width 13 mm
Black Band Width 22 mm
Blue Band Width 32 mm
Green Band Width 45 mm


Resistance Strength Levels

Orange Band(light) 5-10 LB or 2-10 KG
Red Band(middle) 15-35 LB or 10-20 KG
Black Band(standard) 30-60 LB or 15-30 KG
Blue Band(Heavy) 40-80 LB or 20-35 KG
Green Band(X-Heavy) 50-120 LB or 25-60 KG


Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Excellent Set For The Home Gym

Great items, each band is nice and chunky so they'll be very hard to snap unless it develops a tear in the band over time but right out of the box they're very impressive.

A few accessories included such as two velcro wraps for more comfort instead of holding the rubber in your hand, a door anchor for expanding workout methods and target different areas of the body.

My previous resistance bands were looped through a latch clip and had the black rubber fitting on the end but sadly a few have snapped over the past year so this set is much needed and feels a lot stronger due to being a full loop of rubber.

Resistance bands aren't only brilliant tools for exercise but they're also very space efficient as you can see in the final image, everything fits into the bag provided with space left over as opposed to normal weights and bars etc. You also get a handy exercise example leaflet.

Good quality band set with lots of potential uses.

So at first glance this is a well put together set, you get a nice assortment of different strength bands so there's something for everyone from the beginners right the way up to the bigger guys that if needed can even combine multiple bands together for additional resistance.
Resistance bands in general are amazing as can do lots of different exercises to target each of the different muscle groups without needing a big stack of weights or bulky exercise equipment taking up a big portion of your room & the best part with this set is when your done working out it all fits neatly away into the 34cm x 41cm bag that's provided.
It also comes with two foam handles which is nice as it gives you something to grip on to the bands without just grabbing the bands directly with your hands which can be uncomfortable, they are super easy to apply as they just unroll out into a square 14cm x 15cm so u just have to wrap them around the desired bands & it holds together with velcro.
The final piece to the set is the door anchor, it has a foam bit on the end to protect your door, you loop the other end through the desired bands which is then held into place with a carabiner clip.
The only one thing i would say on the door anchor is to have the soft stopper on the side the door opens in to so when your pulling on it your effectively trying to pull the door closed opposed to the flipside where your pulling in the direction the door would open as that would put extra strain on the door, if pulling it in the correct direction the door stop edging around the doorframe will actually give the door additional strength & support.
Lastly i do like how in the booklet they have 18 different exercises to get you started however i'm sure if you look on YouTube you'll be able to find a load of additional exercises or just full resistant band workouts to follow as well.

Great value and durable

5 sets of various pull-up bands. With additional door anchor and handgrip and carry bag.

The band set include
Orange- 2-10kg
Red - 10-20kg
Black - 15kg-20kg
Blue - 20-30kg
Green 25-60kg

A solid set of pull up bands to assist me to do pull-ups progression which will be good for anyone from beginners to advanced users who want to do more pull-ups.

The band are as good quality as my decathlon single resistance band. The band set is a must for users that do pull up progression and strength training.

Great set for home

It is a very complete kit, not only the 5 bands but also the two grip pads and the door anchor. In addition to a bag in which to store it all.
It is a great variety that allows us a wide variety of exercise, and also once everything is stored in its bag, it does not take up so much space.
The instructions include examples of exercises that we can follow if we don't know how to start.
The bands, of different colours depending on the resistance (from 2kg to 60kg) are quite thick, so I don't think they'll be easy to break.
The grip pads allow for greater comfort as you don't have to hold the rubber directly. These pads close with a velcro fastener.
The door anchor seems to work well, but you have to be careful as it depends on the quality of your door. I haven't tried it myself because I don't trust it.

Strong and durable, layered rubber resistance bands

These are very good and strong Pullup bands.

I was pleasantly surprised to read that these were made of layered rubber which ensures the bands don't suddenly snap. Usually layered bands are.much more expensive than moulded rubber ones so give that, these are really good value.

I have been using these using a bar and a plate to do different kinds of exercises such as overhead press, chest press, squats, calf raise, bicep curls and so on.

They are definitely strong and are holding up well

They will work well also as Pull up bands and hold weight well and you can also combine them depending on what you need.

With the 5 bands you have a combination of great resistance bands. You also get the grips and door anchor so these are really good to do a variety of exercises. It also has a nice booklet which shows you the different types of exercises.

For the price, and being layered, these are really good resistance bands.

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