30KG Dumbbells Set, Adjustable Weight Set


Without a doubt, Amonax fitness weights set is a must-have, compact equipment for home gym weights training. From basic weight loss to fitness training HIIT, they help to get your whole body sculpted. The following features of Amonax barbell weights set make them an essential weight lifting equipment for your weight set for home gym:


30kg dumbbell


1) Premium Stainless Steel.

Amonax cast iron dumbbell set include an adjustable dumbbells pair and a barbell connector to change from dumbbell set up to a bar bell. Both parts are made with premium quality stainless steel. They are built to be indestructible to withstand high wearing and tearing.


adjustable dumbbells 30kg - spinlock


2) Spinlock Collars to Secure Weights.

Amonax gym weights sets for men and women also includes 4 solid steel spinlock collars to keep your exercise weights secured tightly on the dumbbell bar. This allows you to focus on your weight training without worrying rattling of barbell plates.


adjustable dumbbells 30kg weight plates


3) Adjustable Weight Sets.

Amonax weight discs are made with 100% cast iron with anti-rust coating. This makes Amonax dumbells weights set much more durable than weights set made with any other materials such as rubber, vinyl, neoprene, or water dumbbells.


30kg dumbbell set


4) Adjustable Weight Combinations for Versatile Workout.

Amonax weights for men and weights set for women work as perfect home gym equipment for chest, biceps, arms, tricep, and back muscle workout, and other different exercise weights training such as squat and hip thrust.


30kg dumbbell set


The biggest advantages of having an adjustable dumbbell weights pair is they let you change the set of weights for more versatile workout, as well as increase loads as you progress. Amonax home dumbbell set can be used for both compound and isolation exercises, especially good for unilateral training. They make ideal arm weights for women and men.


30kg barbell


The dumbbell connector allows you to change the dumbbell pairs to a barbell easily, allowing more variety in your strength training depending on your fitness targets. Barbells and dumbbells can complement each other for a more effective workout. Barbells are especially better for heavy weights training and can engage more muscle groups simultaneously.


30kg dumbbell set


5) Versatile Workout

Amonax dumbbells set is easy to install and allows for a wide range of workout to be performed. It can be used for both upper and lower body with a range of exercises like deadlifts, step ups, bicep curls, lunges, and many more to help you achieve your fitness goals.

[IN THE BOX] - You will receive 8 x 2.5kg cast iron 1 inch weight plates, 4x 1.25kg dumbbell plates, 4 x 0.5kg dumbbell weight plates, 2 x dumbell bars, 1 x chrome dumbbell barbell connector, 4 steel spinlock collars, and 1 workout guide. Amonax dumbbell weights set can be great free weights for men and exercise weights for women.
[LIFETIME DURABILITY] - Amonax Dumbbell set has cast iron adjustable weights and solid metal dumbbell bars pair to ensure its longlasting product quality. The metal spinlock collars keep dumbbell weights set secured on the dumbbells pair during use. Compared to neoprene dumbbells set, rubber dumbbells and water weigh plates, Amonax cast iron dumbbell set for men and women guarentees you a lifetime qualty.
[VERSATILE EXERCISES] - Amonax adjustable dumbells weights set can easily convert from a hand weights set to a barbell set. This makes Amonax gym weights perfect for a range of exercises including hammer and bicel curls, side and rear raises with shoulder presses, or target your legs by adding weights to squats. Amonax cast iron dumbbells are ideal gym equipment for home.
[ANTI-SLIP KNURLING GRIPS] - The dumbbell grips of Amonax dumbbells pair for women and men have featured knurling pattern to make sure they don’t slip even with sweat. Coupled with even weight distribution, this makes you to be always in full control with the heavies weight plates on the bar. Amonax dumb bells for adults are great addition for your home fitness.
[WARRANTY] - We provide a 2-year warranty on our free weights dumbbells set to ensure that you can enjoy shopping for a long time. Amonax dumbell weights are compatible with most dumbbell racks / stand or weight storage racks. If you have any questions on gym equipment for home weights, please let us know-we are here to help you. We will make sure that you have no losses.


Dumbbell bar length 36 cm
Grip length 14 cm
Length of connecting rod 35 cm
Barbell length 99 cm
Pipe diameter 3 cm
Inner diameter for dumbbell plates 1''
Compatible with Any 1'' bars
Weight plates material Cast iron
Connecting rod, dumbbells grips material Stainless steel
Packaging Box, workout guide included


1. What are the benefits of dumbbell weight sets?

  • They activate a number of different muscles and stimulate muscle growth.
  • They can help improve both muscle force and flexibility.
  • They can promote coordination and stability for muscles and joints.
  • They are suitable for a number of exercises.
  • They are ideal for both men and women.

2. Does this weight set come with a warranty?

Yes, all our products come with a 2-year warranty.

3. What is the dumbbell weight set made of?

Amonax dumbbell weight set is made of cast iron.

4. What makes these dumbbells different from other brands?

Amonax dumbbells weight set uses premium quality cast iron. These dumbbells weight sets are expected to last a lifetime. You need a long-lasting dumbbell weight set to build your long-lasting muscles! The weight set used in training can be adjusted by combining different weight plates. It is one of the most versatile dumbbell weights set on the market. 

5. What are the different sizes of dumbbells available in the market?

Dumbbells are usually seen in 20KG, 30KG, occasionally 40KG and 50KG. Amonax proudly presents 20KG and 30KG adjustable dumbbells weight sets. You can purchase additional dumbbell weight plates if you require greater weights in your training. 

6. Will dumbbells work for both curling and weightlifting?

Yes, Amonax dumbbells weights set works for both curling and weightlifting.

7. Does the dumbbell weight set come with an exercise guide?

Yes, Amonax dumbbell weight set comes with a printed exercise workout guide. This guide includes manuals on how to assemble, disassemble and some basic exercises to get you started.

8. Are these dumbbells adjustable to accommodate different weights?

Yes, the dumbbells weight set can be adjusted to have 2.5KG, 4KG, 5KG, 6.5KG, 7.5KG, 9KG, 10KG, 11.5KG, 12.5KG, 14KG and 15KG on each of the dumbbell in the pair. 

9. Is this product suitable for both men and women?

Yes, the dumbbells can be used by both men and women. 


Customer Reviews

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Best buddy for home exercise

I am happy with these as are good to work out at home and didn't take much space

Great product!

Fantastic set for home workout. Easy to adjust, super versatile, sturdy, everything you need for a comprehensive workout.Very happy with my purchase!

Pro Gym Quality

This is Pro quality weights, I am very happy, well made and easy to take weights on and off. Again Pro Gym quality !

Barbara Picarelli

Great product. Got delivered earlier than expected. Very happy.

Great Value!

Would recommend these sets as they are the best value around even with shipping and handling.

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30KG Dumbbells Set, Adjustable Weight Set
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