When it comes to building glute muscles, Amonax fabric hip resistance circle bands can be a real game-changer. Don’t underestimate the strength of the hip bands, they are the key to a really deep booty workout and help you to sculpt a sexy glute. The following features of Amonax hip resistance training bands (for both legs and booty) really challenge the biggest muscles in your body – the glute muscles, help them grow in size and shape:

fabric resistance bands


 Three Resistance Strength Levels.

Amonax hip circle bands set has three levels of resistance, allows you to start from light and move up to medium and heavy as you get stronger. The heavy hip circle resistance band is designed to push you to the limit as you work through glute-activation exercises. Amonax hip workout bands can also function as leg weights to exercise your inner thigh, outer thigh, ankles and other leg and glute muscles.

fabric resistance bands


 Variable Elasticity for Versatile Intensity.

Amonax hip circle bands have double elastic strips that are made of premium rubber latex on the inside. They have been tested to make sure they are non slip and hold up even in the toughest workout in sweats (no snap, slip, roll up or slack). Featuring three different levels of resistance, these hip circle bands for glute and booty can be used for all kinds of fitness activities from yoga, pilates to higher-intensity workouts.

fabric resistance bands


 Durable Fabrics to Ensure Longivity and Comfortable Touch.

Apart from the premium quality latex, heavy duty cotton is also an essential material for Amonax hip circle resistant bands. These durable, soft cottons, along with the intricate double stitching along the side makes for a seamless squat bands. This cotton and latex combo are built to last, provide a secure and tight grip that does not compromise elasticity and comfort at all.

fabric resistance bands


 Versatile Glute and Leg Muscle Builder.

Amonax hip circle resistance loop bands set are among the most versatile muscle builder for taking your workout to the next level. Amonax hip circle woven resistance band kit makes a great fitness gift for anyone who is keen on home gym workout equipment.

fabric resistance bands


 There are plenty of reasons you should work your glutes using Amonax shape-up hip circle bands for legs and glutes. Two major ones: they can be recovery therapy bands that keep your hips from getting too tight which otherwise lead to injury. One other major one: you want a nice glute. Whatever your intention, all you need is 10 mins a day, 3-5 times a week for 2 weeks, you will start to see the changes in yourself. The result is 100% guaranteed.

fabric resistance bands


 Amonax hip circle resistance bands are compact in size, come with a neat mesh bag. Amonax hip circle resistance bands for legs and glutes are great portable strength training equipment. Amonax hip circle cotton resistance bands are ideal home fitness essential to be used on its own to build a sexy glute, or complement other fitness activities such as Weight Loss, Yoga, Pilates etc.

  • [DURABILITY] Amonax multi-colour fabric exercise bands have double strips of elastic grips that are made of natural latex. This, in combination with the fabric cotton ensure their lifetime elasticity as well as their longevity. The resistance bands fabric set for women and men will never break, you will never pay for any replacements, it is a great starter set for your glute training.
  • [EVERY BAND FITS] Most exercise bands resistance for women have a heavy resistance band that is too small and a light resistance band that is too loose. Amonax woven resistance bands are all the same size to ensure a snug fit, making it one of the best fabric workout bands. Amonax fabric glute bands makes a great fitness equipment to be added to your gym bag, and a great additional accessory for your home gym.
  • [COMFORT] Amonax chooses the premium quality, soft, heavy duty textile, as well as ensuring the quality of our fabric booty band set, comfort has never been compromised. Our fabric fitness bands are comfort against the skin, no digging in, pinching or pulling hairs.
  • [NO ROLLING EVER] Amonax resistance band women are thick and wide, the natural latex and the intricate knit makes a tightly woven construction that ensures optimal sturdiness, which means no rolling ever, no more frustrating sessions where you need to tug, hold or pull with your hands. It is an ideal sports equipment to be included in any gym set.
  • [GOOD LOOKING] Amonax fabric loop resistance bands are pattern printed. These cloth leg bands are desiged to set your glutes on fire, making them one of the best fabric booty bands. Amonax cloth mini bands comes in a set of 3, ranging from light, medium to heavy. 10 mins exercises with these strong cloth resistance loops a day will give you the just the perfect booty in the world.
Material Cotton + Natural Latex
Circumference 640 mm / 14''
Width 80 mm / 3''


Resistance Strength Levels

Light 20-35 LBS or 10-15 KG
Medium 30-50 LBS or 15-25 KG
Heavy 45-70 LBS or 20-30 KG

Customer Reviews

Based on 185 reviews
Great bands!

I have the elastic workout resistance loops but they roll up inconveniently so I purchased these and they are perfect.

William Donnelly

I am so impressed with these bands! They are great quality; they do not slide, roll, etc!

Harvey Doyle

Really soft on the legs and comfortable to use

Seth Young
Durable and good quality!!

Great item!!!! I loved how they DID NOT rise up on my thighs and stayed in one place while I exercised.

Ann Chase Robertson
Great product! Very happy with purchase!

I am so happy with these bands.

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