Amonax electric pedal exerciser is more than just a fitness tool; it's a bridge to a healthier, more active lifestyle. Its compact design seamlessly fits into any environment, ensuring that your path to better health doesn't interrupt your daily routine.


electric pedal exerciser


1. Boost Leg Musculature & Elevate Mobility

Engaging with Amonax motorized pedal exerciser for elderly fosters the development of robust leg and ankle muscles. Its design enhances proprioception and coordination, promoting better balance and mobility.





motorised pedal exerciser



2.Stress Reduction and Mental Well-being

Amonax motorized pedal exerciser for disabled is not just a physical fitness tool, it's also a mental wellness booster. Regular use can alleviate work-related stress, promoting relaxation and a positive mood.





motorized pedal exerciser for elderly



3.Progressive Recovery & Post-operative Support

Amonax electric elliptical trainer pedal exerciser provides adjustable resistance, perfect for progressive rehabilitation like post-knee replacement. It provides safe and measured movement reintroduction under medical.






electric foot pedal exerciser



4.Bidirectional Rotation for Balanced Workouts

By pressing the 'FUNCTION' button, you can switch between two distinct modes. HR provides the flexibility to adjust both the direction and speed manually. P1-P3 modes offer preset configurations.





motorized pedal exerciser





5.Five Speed Levels to Choose From

Choose from five speed levels to tailor your workout intensity. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced foot exerciser, this machine adapts to your pace, ensuring a workout that suits your needs.


motorized pedal exerciser for disabled



6.Convenient Remote Control & Holder

The motorised pedal exerciser for elderly comes with a remote control and a dedicated holder, offering you the ease of changing settings without bending down. Exercise with convenience at your fingertips.





electric elliptical trainer pedal exerciser





7.Built-in Massage Dots for Comfort

The Amonax electric pedal exerciser features a unique massage function on its pedals, designed with massage dots that actively stimulate and soothe your feet during your workout.



electric foot pedal exerciser




8.Easy Storage Solutions

Amonax electric pedal exerciser champions adaptability. Its space-saving design means you can easily stow it away in tight spots or corners, ensuring your workout space remains flexible and multifunctional.






Electric Pedal Exerciser



Product Use Guide for Amonax Elliptical Machine

Harness the power of Amonax electric pedal exerciser with easy-to-use buttons tailored for optimal functionality. Navigate through settings effortlessly, enhancing your workout experience. (Note: For an in-depth demonstration, refer to the user manual.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Kim martyn
It works good for mother

easily to work

Susan Dek Hall Heinz
Good Excersize for someone Chairbound

This product is well made and for a manual exercise machine It runs very fluid and is easy to use. It has enough settings so that you can start as a beginner and go up to something a little more strenuous.

Loretta Neal
Dont over do it cause its easy to do it

I really like this

Jeanne M. Chamberlain
The ADHD Community Needs to Know About This

If you have ADHD and a desk job, this could change everything for you. I just got a desk job after years of more active roles that kept me on my feet all day, and for the first few weeks at the desk my restlessness had me feeling so uncomfortable, agitated, and unfocused. Getting this under desk elliptical has been a complete game changer. I have an outlet for my restlessness so I can think clearly and not feel so "trapped" at my desk, and a subtle way to expel energy if something I'm doing feels boring or people are talking to me and I want to be able to listen to them without my mind wandering so much. Not to mention, it is so nice to have a way to get movement throughout the workday so there isn't as much pressure on working out in the evenings when you're in the mood to relax or be with family. Regarding the quietness -- I will say it's not "soundless" to the point that it won't be noticed in a completely silent room, but if your workplace has background noise from AC or people chatting or music playing, it is decently subtle.

Overall is awesome, would highly recommend.

Elaine M. Crook
Easy to use and quiet

Very nice way to get exercise while sitting

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