Getting the perfect count of your reps is important to track your growth. So, losing a count or getting the wrong count is not an option. Give your weight loss journey a boost with our digital Skipping Rope that keeps track of your skipping reps.



Detachable ropes

Amonax's skipping rope is 3.1 m in length and can switch between skipping balls and skipping ropes. The skipping balls assist beginners in learning the right technique before getting into advanced rope jumping. Once you are comfortable with the hand and leg coordination for consistent jumping and skipping the rope, you can again attach the rope to continue your reps. Skipping the rope helps burn excess calories, and our detachable equipment makes learning exercises with a skipping rope easy and convenient.


No More Tangling of the Rope

Our state-of-the-art technology also helps prevent the rope from tangling, which allows you to transition from a high-intensity workout to a low-intensity workout (and vice-versa) seamlessly. The right build and density of the rope cable make Amonax rope the best skipping rope for weight loss and calorie burning. Amonax's 4mm rope uses twisted stainless steel wire and high-density PU material for extra strength and reinforcement.


Smart Chip Technology

For high precision, Amonax rope uses a smart chip to keep track of all your workouts. This smart chip helps you perfectly track your skipping rope workout. Some major functions include the following:

  1. The Rep Counter - The rep counter keeps a note of your skipping repetitions and gives you the precise count of how many times you do rope jumping. It ensures that you do perfect sets and are able to push through your weight loss journey.
  2. Km/miles Calculator - This is a unique feature that lets you measure your skipping rope cardio workout equivalent to the distance you can run to burn the same amount. This helps you with endurance training and helps you track your growth in overall stamina.
  3. Calorie burn tracker - It is an amazing feature for weight loss exercises. The calorie burn tracker records the skipping rope cardio and converts it into equivalent calories you burnt while skipping rope for weight loss. With Amonax ropes, you can burn up to 2074 calories/hour.


Ergonomic functionality

The ergonomic functionality of Amonax rope makes it convenient to use. The sleek padded design makes Amonax skipping ropes slip-free, with optimal grip and maximum comfort. The Amonax handles are ergonomically designed with proper grip to let you keep skipping without having to stop for long periods of time.


The connections to the rope have been designed in such a way as to ensure the least amount of friction between the rope and handle for smoother traction while rotating. Such features help the skipping rope to maintain a steady pace, providing the stability that lets you do proper skip rope weight loss workouts in longer sessions. Compared to other ropes, Amonax's skipping rope can rotate much faster and smoother with its ball-bearing system, which speaks for its premium quality. Therefore, such functionality helps you burn 2x as many calories by keeping the session intense and efficient.


Amonax skipping rope has the option to incorporate weight blocks in your skipping rope. Each weight block weighs 35g (70g in total). Turning a weighted Jump Rope not only involves turning your wrists but also draws upon muscle groups in your hands, wrist, forearms, shoulders, deltoid and back. Training with weighted Jump Ropes is normally emphasized by athletes who rely heavily upon upper body strength and endurance for success in their sport, including:

  1. Increases upper body strength.
  2. Improves upper and lower body balance and coordination.
  3. Improves arm, forearm, wrist, and grip strength.
  4. Improves abdominal, back, chest and shoulder strength.
  5. Helps to burn more calories than a speed rope.
Handle length 17.4 cm
Handle diameter 2.6 cm
Rope length 3.1 m
Rope diameter 4 mm
Ball diameter 4.9 cm
Rope material PU steel wire


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