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The Ultimate Glute Training Set

Nothing beats the comfort of a gym bar pad. It will protect your shoulders during squats. This barbell protector pad is ideal for hip thrusts as well as traditional squats.




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Full Length With Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design offers support as well as comfort. This design helps to redistribute weight and pressure on your body and therefore providing more support, helping you to lift correctly.

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Anti-Slip Design with Full Velcro Closure

The anti slip and full Velcro closure ensures it has no slipping, sliding, or falling off, which can be a problem with some other safety squat bar bell pad.


squat bar



Fits All Bars

Amonax squat shoulder pad fits any Standard or Olympic bar, and home use convertible dumbbells/barbells. The high-density, shock absorbent barbell cushion is a gym essential for many fitness lovers.




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Deep Cushioning Ensures Maximal Comfort

Amonax gym bar cushion is made 44cm long and 3.3 cm thick. This ensures the barbell foam pad covers your full shoulder length and hip size during any squat weight training exercises.

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Versatile Glute and Leg Muscle Builder

Amonax squat bands set are among the most versatile muscle builder for taking your workout to the next level, making it a great fitness gift for anyone who is keen on home workout equipment.






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Guaranteed Results in just 30 days

All you need is 10 mins a day, 3-5 times a week for 2 weeks, you will start to see the changes in yourself. The result is 100% guaranteed.


hip thrust barbell pad



Portable Size

Amonax hip circle resistance bands are compact in size, allowing you to take it everywhere you go and workout at any time that is convenient for you.





No Bruise, Stainless Steel D-Ring

Amonax D Ring uses top quality stainless steels, and are innovatively designed to prevent skin irritation made by the D ring during exercises like any other brands.


barbell cushion

Compatible With Cable Machine & Exercise Bands

Our ankle straps are compatible with all gym cable machines, resistance bands set with door anchors and you can even use it with your long resistance bands loop set (pull up assisted bands).


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Portable Size to Be Taken with You

Its compact size and its great functionality make it a great addition to help you shape your legs and glutes through kick back exercises, leg lifts, abductor training, and other glute exercises.





  AMONAX Fabric resistance bands AMONAX Barbell Squat Pad (turquoise) Amonax Standard barbell bar 120cm Amonax Ankle Straps for Cable Machines Amonax Cast Iron Weight Set 20kg
Main function A must-have in glute training Used on barbells for maximum comfort Strength training on both upper and lower body Glutes and legs training Arms and upper body training
Key benefit Portable, effective Allow you to train on heavier weight Very effective strength training tool Compatible with both long resistance bands and pulley machine A compact strength training tool



  • Comfort - Extra thick foam pad evenly distributes weight for more support during heavy weight squats, hip thrusts, lunges and any heavy barbell exercise.
  • Durable - Extra dense form dramatically increased durability of our barbell pad. Making it robust yet lightweight & comfortable to skin.
  • Safety - The velcro straps ensure our squat pad wraps around the bar tightly at all times. More comfort for hip thrusts and much safer with heavy weight workout.
  • Stress Relieve - Ergonomic curvature fits neck perfectly to relieve stress from the neck and back, increasing comfort meanwhile supporting bigger weights or more reps.
  • Warranty - We provide 2 years warranty to ensure the long-time enjoyment of your purchase. Please contact us with any questions or concerns - we are here to help.
Length 44 cm
Diameter Range 8 - 13 cm
Suitable for All Types of Barbells (Inc. Convertible Dumbbells)


Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Highly recommended

This is a great product and glad I was able to purchase a full kit with everything I was looking for.

Henry Hanlon
Super awesome

I love it! Definitely made my workout better

Louis Wallace
Worth it

Came with everything I needed to do my compound lifts. Everything still fits in the pack it came in for easy carrying.

Ivy Richardson
Worth the money

Worth my money. I bought this before they closed the gyms and I loved it. I felt more comfortable using my own stuff I stead of the gym stuff. Everything fit in my gym back

Christine Voelker
Sturdy and Comfortable

This is a great value for the money! Seems sturdy and useful, and I love that it all came as a bundle. Super great buy!

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