Are you designing a home gym for a varied workout routine or crafting a serene space for your yoga practice? Choosing the right foundation is key. Amonax offers two tailored solutions: durable gym mats for dynamic exercise setups and specialized yoga mats for those dedicated to their yoga journey.

Gym Mat

Ideal for anyone setting up a home gym or looking to protect floors under heavy equipment, Amonax gym mats provide the ultimate floor protection and comfort. Made from high-density EVA foam, these mats are designed to absorb impact, reduce noise, and protect your flooring from damage. Whether you're placing them under a treadmill or using them for high-intensity workouts, these mats ensure a safe and stable environment.

Versatile Fit - Available in two sizes and designed to interlock, they offer a customizable setup for any space.

Safety and Stability - With double-sided anti-slip technology, these mats remain firmly in place, supporting your most vigorous workouts.

Easy to Maintain - Water-resistant and simple to clean, they're ideal for keeping your workout area hygienic.

Yoga Mat

For the yogis, Amonax yoga mats are designed with your practice in mind, ensuring comfort, stability, and a touch of eco-consciousness. These mats are the perfect companion for anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice, offering the support needed for every pose and flow.

Comfort and Support - The right thickness provides cushioning for your joints without sacrificing balance or stability.

Eco-Friendly - Made with sustainability in mind, these mats are as kind to the environment as they are to your body.

Portable Design - Lightweight and easy to carry, they're designed for yogis on the move.

Whether you're pumping iron or perfecting your poses, Amonax has the foundation you need to build a fitness routine that meets your goals, supports your activities, and aligns with your lifestyle.

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