Looking for premium quality adjustable dumbbells set to begin your fitness journey at home? Read on to know why Amonax adjustable weight dumbbells are the best you can get!

If you want gym-like fitness at home, adjustable metal dumbbells set are a must-buy. Dumbbells are a crucial part of every workout routine as they help target the neck, shoulder, back, abs, and glutes muscles. Including small adjustable weight dumbbells in your workout routine can also help you build abs and strengthen your core.

adjustable metal dumbbells set for women


An essential piece of fitness equipment for women

Using small adjustable metal dumbbells set is the perfect start for women who want to begin their fitness journey. You can use these weights for all kinds of exercises, add and remove weight plates, and also store them hassle-free in any corner of your home.
If you want premium quality adjustable weight dumbbells set, one of the best brands in the UK to buy them from is Amonax. Amonax adjustable dumbbells can be used for various workout routines, are of premium quality, and are very long-lasting.


adjustable metal dumbbells set for women in 2KG 3KG 4KG 5KG


Adjustable weights

The best part of investing in adjustable weight dumbbells set is that you can easily alter the weight plates for different workouts. The dumbbell weight plates are of varying weights, allowing easy switch between a pair of 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, and 5kg dumbbell set. For fitness enthusiasts and beginners, the adjustable dumbbells are a perfect investment as you can also track your progress as you increase the weights.



Premium Quality Weight Plates

Amonax adjustable weight dumbbells set are of top quality. The removable weight plates are made of premium quality Iron block. This ensures that the dumbbells do not corrode with time and last long. This premium-quality weights dumbbells set is extremely safe to use during all kinds of workouts.


Ergonomic Design

Crafted with Smart Technology, Amonax adjustable weight dumbbells set have an ergonomic design. The handles of the weight dumbbells have an anti-slippery optimal grip which is even resistant to sweat to ensure that you can use them safely. The design of the handles provides the ultimate comfort for maximum gain and helps maintain the correct posture without getting exhausted.



Environment-Friendly Product

When trying to achieve a fit and healthy body, you should also ensure that all the products you use are made cruelty-free and do not harm the environment in any manner. Amonax adjustable weight dumbbells are made in the most environmentally friendly way. The products are toxin-free and can be effectively reused and recycled.


Benefits and function of small dumbbells

Using small dumbbells for your workout routines has multiple benefits. They considerably reduce the risk of injuries and accidents and are also perfect for beginners. Small adjustable dumbbells help gradually train specific body muscles, such as the back, neck, shoulder, abs, and hips. Thus, in the long run, dumbbells help lose weight, strengthen the musculoskeletal system, and reduce the risk of strokes.

Therefore, small adjustable weight dumbbells are an ideal choice when it comes to beginning your weight-training journey or training specific body muscles. You can perform multiple highly effective exercises with small adjustable dumbbells, such as Front raise, Lateral raise, Tricep extension, Bicep curl press, Hammer curl press, and so on.

So, without a doubt, buy the premium quality Amonax small adjustable weight dumbbells and embark on your fitness trail right away. They even come with a free workout guide PDF!

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
S Longenberger
Good, but could be a bit longer.

Good, but they could be like 1 or 2cm (1/2in) longer, they just fit in my hands - somebody with larger hands would probably struggle.

Kamilla K.

Brilliant product and price.

Eduardo Quintero
Just the job

I use these in my keep fit classes

Cristina Allen
Just the right size

Just the right size to do multiple reps to help strengthen shoulders after injury.

Debra H.
Home workout

Fab fpr home and comfortable to hold

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